Splinterland DICE card reveal

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Hi Hive Friends,

It has been awhile since posting here as I find writing isn't my strength. I will do so more often now as I have been informed that Splinterland.io is on Hive so I can start writing about the game again. What this space for some giveaways and some game tips I will be writing for the players. I am also excited to see that there will be a proper mobile version coming out which will be the bomb! Today DICE came out in replacement of the ORB so I bought 2 packs to see my luck. I find the promo cards are normally good investments and hold their value like the last promo set.


Remember we can use our potions on these packs so all the potions we have saved up can finally be used! If you buy packs, you are also in the running to get some airdrops later, the more you buy, the more chance you get one. I am never lucky with these airdrops so I don't bank on them. Opening the two packs was a bit of a disappointment. With no gold or legendary, the two useful cards I may put into use would be the summoners. I won't give up and hope I can get some packs from coming the daily missions. There are plenty of potions saved up so hopefully the next opening will give me some luck.






Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

This is the third post about the dice that I'm curating at once.
I can see how interested peoples are in it.
And yeah,,, it's finally out.
Nice write-up.
Nice cards that you got.
Two Summoners... that's awesome.

Nice pulls! Gonna be fun exploring all the new cards!


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