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Welcome back to my another splinterlands blog. Hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Mine is going as usual.

Last few days I was very busy. I was out of my town. Yesterday I get into the game and then find out that daily quest is running on "Death Monsters". So I decided to fight with my "Death Monsters".

  • you can watch the battle direct from splinterlands official website from the link I have given below.
    Link Of The Match

About The Match:

  • For this match mana cap was 24.
  • And played with the "Standard" rule.

Screenshot (1630).png

I was using my Death Summoner "CONTESSA L'AMENT" along with "PHANTASM" in level 1, "CURSED SLIMEBALL" in level 1, "ANCIENT LICH" in level 1, "UNDEAD BADGER" in level 1.

Now Let Me introduced you with The Cards I have Used In The Battle.


The dark witch known as Contessa L’ament brings a chill to the entire audience of Mount Mox whenever she is called upon to summon. Her flowing robes seem to absorb light from all around; it is said that the eminence of a dark star is woven into their fabric. The ghastly, rasping voice she uses to control her monsters is naturally amplified as it echoes through the arena. Contessa wears a white mask so none can see her face, a mask which cries a single tear, as if lamenting some never-forgotten loss from a distant living past.Source

It cost 03 mana cap and has the ability to decrease -1 Ranged attack from every enemy monsters.

NO 1: PHANTASM (COMMON Death Monster)

"PHANTASM" is a Common Death monster which has the "Flying" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

2 Melee attack,
5 Speed,
7 Health.

"PHANTASM" is one of my favorite Death monsters. This monster with the help of it's "Flying" ability and 5 Speed, can easily dodge attacks from enemy monster. Also it has 2 Melee attack power which cause a good amount of damage to the enemy monsters.

It cost only 06 mana to use in the battle.

NO 2: CURSED SLIMEBALL(Common Death Monster)

"CURSED SLIMEBALL" is a COMMON Death monster which at level 1 comes with,

1 Melee attack,
1 Speed,

"CURSED SLIMEBALL" is not that much useful in a battle. Most of the time I use this card at the last so if there any "Sneak" ability enemy monster available, that can hit this monster first.

It cost only 01 mana to use in the battle.


"ANCIENT LICH"is a LEGENDARY Death Monster which has the "Life Leech" ability. At level 1, this monster comes with,

3 Magic attack,
1 Speed,
3 Health.

I can still remember that I get this card from a daily quest reward a long time ago. This card is very strong because of it's "Life Leech" ability. Though this cards has a low health but by the time it start to hit the enemy monsters, health increase every time.

It cost only 07 mana to use in the battle.


"UNDEAD BADGER"is a COMMON Death monster which has "Sneak" ability and at level 1 this monster comes with,
1 Melee attack,
3 Speed,
1 Health.

Here Is Some Screen Shots Of The Battle

Screenshot (1632).png

My opponent was using fire Summoner which increase the speed of his/her monsters. As we know most speed monsters attack first so opponent's two Melee attack monster "ELVEN DEFENDER" and "FINEAS RAGE" start hitting on my "PHANTASM" at the very beginning of the battle. "PHANTASM" loss it's 4 health from first two attack.

Screenshot (1634).png

At the very end of the round 1, my LEGENDARY Death Monster "ANCIENT LICH" hits on opponent's "ELVEN DEFENDER" with it's 3 Magic attack. We all know that magic attack direct hit the health of enemy monster instead of the armor. So it take 3 health from the enemy monster.

Screenshot (1636).png

I already told you that my LEGENDARY Death Monster "ANCIENT LICH" has the "Life Leech" ability. With the help of this ability "ANCIENT LICH" health increases each time it damages an enemy Monster's health in proportion to the damage dealt. So after it hits on opponent's "ELVEN DEFENDER", +2 health was added to it's initial health.

Screenshot (1664).png

Screenshot (1669).png

Like the first round, at the starting of 2nd round, both the enemy monsters "ELVEN DEFENDER" and "FINEAS RAGE" hits on my "PHANTASM". I was expected that due to it's speed and also the "Flying" ability, "PHANTASM" can dodge some hits from the enemy monster. But that doesn't happened and at the beginning of round 2, I lost my "PHANTASM".

Screenshot (1643).png

Screenshot (1644).png

Screenshot (1670).png

Again things happened in the round 3. This time those two enemy monsters start hitting my "ANCIENT LICH". But I wasn't worry at all. Cause "ANCIENT LICH" has the "Life Leech" ability. Every time it hits on enemy monster, It gained +2 health. At round 3, this monster take down opponent "ELVEN DEFENDER".

Screenshot (1647).png

Screenshot (1671).png

After that only one monster was left from opponent. I was very much certain that I am going to win this battle. Opponent monster "FINEAS RAGE" was trying to fight back. But against "ANCIENT LICH" it get no chance at all.

Battle Result:

Screenshot (1674).png

As I won this match, I got 0.68 Dec and +36 League Rating.

That's All For Today.

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