Many ways to earn crypto in splinterlands

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Hi there i hope you doing well. I am lucky ali and welcome to the my post and vlog. So iff you want to know how to earn money on splinterlands keep reading the post and also watch this vlog.

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If you visit @splinterlands blog then you can see contsts and challenges there such as trivia challenge, social media share challenge, weekly battle challenge and art contest.

You just have to follow the simple rules and make the post. And you will recive good amount of upvotes from the splinterlands main account


Art contest is one of the best contest for the many artists and they can participate here. If you are good in drawing, just try it.

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More rating means more DEc token per win. In one of my account i have 1600+ rating so i am getting 8 to 15 dec tokens so here you can earn 150 to 200 DEC tokens just by winning those battles.

As well as you are also getting rating here. Try to understand the rule and the team of enemy so you will perform better.

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You can play quest daily and who knows sometime you will get decent reward from quest only. So it is depended on luck. In daily quest you have to win 5 battle according to quest team and you will get loot chests as your rating.

Season end in every 15 days so you will get additional rewrads in season end as your rating. so try to improve your rating by winning more battles.

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If you have extra investment then you can put it here to trade some cards. You cand buy cards in cheap and sell it in high price. But you know this is the game of patience.

So you have to be patience in this field. For fast trade you can set less profit so your cards will be sold soon. This is not financial advice you can do your own reasearch.

If you are not comfrotable with this one then try other mentioned ways from here.

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As you can see in the video there are lots of tournaments are going on splinterlands and there is price if you win the tournaments. So if you are interested then checkout the rules and also check that there is fee required or not because some tournaments are free and some are paid.

So guys if you have any question regarding this information, make a comment below.


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