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Hey Steemians

How are you all? I am fine.I am writing another post about splinterlands after a season.I am thinking to upload 2 blogs about splinterlands every week. Soon i will published my another blog about splinterlands.

I was little busy in my life. Again i was depressed with my life and some more reasons why i wasn't available.Though forget the past,I am okay now. Hope you all are staying at home. Please stay at home for the country,for your family.Corona is now stopping. Don't know what will happen in future.

I am sharing a splinterlands blog again.I will try to be regular again by playing splinterlands,by uploading blogs.

What you need to do good in splinterlands

Firstly you need to know about all the abilities,what cards give what,what cards takes what. If you can memorize this at first then you can win easily. That's the strategy i follow.

Some people thinks that with level 1 cards,one cannot win tournament or do well in rank match,but they are wrong. You need to practice a lot.

Cards abilities are an important thing. If you have all cards off different abilities,then you can beat a level 3 id with level 1 cards too. Again if you combine your cards this can help you to win easily.

Then you have to watch the full match,if you don't watch the full match you will not be able to know your mistakes.Again you have to watch top games sometimes.This may can help you.

An important things i want to share today. Splinterlands is giving less rewards nowadays,but do you know only by investing about 50$ you can touch champion 3? Don't you believe this? This is true. By using level 3 summoners and level 4 common,rare cards you can touch champion 3 easily, where you can get 80 cards. Again you can touch champion 2,if you are little pro in this game. So you can get 120 cards in the season end.But as the rewards are not much and luck don't favour all, people don't play much.

Another thing you can do is you can check your luck to earn more on splinterlands by buying packs and opening them.

Now i am sharing my splinterlands season end rewards.What i have got this time. I have told in my last post that i will share my big account from now,which is an alt of my. I have to give 25% from that to the delegator. And that account name is @cyclopsismytwin

I had touched champion 2 with this account,so i had got 120 cards. Again it was our eid time,so i wasn't able to share to with you all. Now see what i had got in those 120 cards.

Peakmonsters view:-

Splinterlands view:-
As i use phone,so showing splinterlands view it will take about 10 pictures,so i am not sharing it.

I have got

24 cards from those 120 rewards. 1 common gold card,5 rare cards and 18 common cards. But i had got a decent amount of dec rewards. I am thankful for that.

I had also used potions for this opening.

An decent amount rewards season.

My season end cards worth is 1.313$ and cards burn value 1615 dec.


Am I Happy with this rewards?

Honestly i am not.But i haven't become hopeless yet.You can see there are not much good cards or dec.But I am hopeful enough to get good cards. That's why i haven't stopped playing yet.I play every season,do some cards level up,use some new cards to good in rank and tournament.

Actually i play games when i am free. You can see it is a hobby of mine. If my hobby can give me money,then why i will not be happy? But everyone do expect something more. And we are Human. We are not happy and we do not become pleased. But i am pleased with whatever i have get in my luck.
Thanks @splinterlands to make my part time worthy.

My Splinterlands Profile

I am now a member of Team Possible Lobby. My highest rating is 5177.My highest rank in 58. My highest strike is 28. My champion points is 11765.I am a regular splinterlands player, though i don't publish blogs much.


About me

I am Md.Minhazul Islam. I am from Bangaldesh.I am a student of Hon's 1st year.My like to do part time job.As i am kid so i do that in my mobile,i try to earn whatever i can to use as pocket money. I like to write blog,i write to take photographs.If you want to know more about me you can contact me on discord.


In this blog i have taken help from this blog. Here is the link

I am very much thankful for this blog. This helps me a lot in html coding. If you want to make your posts looks more attractive you can use this codes.

It was for now.
Thanks for stopping by @minhaz007

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