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RE: Is it a Sunrise or a Sunset?

in GEMSlast year

So these are obviously photos of today's sunrise

knowing you, I could bet its sunrise, but not the sunset :) so, turns out, I was right... nice colours!
ps. I was out for an hour today, made some pics. today we had snow on the streets (about 1cm)!

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Yeah, you know I shoot sunsets very, very seldom and prefer to get up early in the morning ;)

Good morning @qwerrie and thank you so much 🙂

PS: I was out for 4 hours today and made one picture ;) It was heavy raining and higer up the rain turned into wet snow which was about 2 or 3 centimeters high on the road. So I drove home where it's warm and dry 🙂

A hot morning !COFFEEA is very important for me to wake up, but later on a cold !BEER would be nice to have 😉

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