Splinterlands Art Contest Week 95

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Hello everyone,

Hope you all are well ...

I started my post today by thanking everyone.

This is my new participate in The Splinterlands Art Weekly Contest

Week 95


Today Art Concept: Sea Genie with Furious Chicken

Furious Chicken and Sea Genie is one of my favorite card characters in the Splinterlands battle game


Sea Genie
The Sea Genie simply waits quietly in his dark, deep lair at the foot of Maka Peak. He is the only resident of the Cave of Mysteries, a powerhouse of magical force. The Genie has first summoned hundreds of years ago, and now he is prisoner to the ΛZMΛRÉ summoners, doing only their bidding and little else.


so let's go to.....

How to Draw a history of Sea Genie with Furious Chicken
Step by Step:

The drawing was made in Adobe Illustrator

step 01

First, I made thus an outline of Sea Genie with Furious Chicken. The outline is Inspiration of the image to draw, that madness called creativity and art power...


next sing.jpg

step 02.

Art the Furious Chicken Full body and color to some body part, Create a document with new layers, and draw the sketch.
and add a magic lamp


next sing.jpg

step 03

continue color the Sea Genie body, and use some color choice as per original-like good


next sing.jpg

step 04

In this step, I mean here what the Furious Chicken wants to be


next sing.jpg

Final step.

Finally the desire to be the king of chickens and appeal to sea Genie to fulfill it



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