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RE: Is it a Sunrise or a Sunset?

in GEMS11 months ago

If you knew I would say it was sunset, if you hadn't indicated it was sunrise
I have never seen such a resemblance ...
and i much like the last photo where the sunrise shines ... and i remembered that the darkest part of the night was just before sunrise😉.@johannpiber😊

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Right, sometimes it's not easy to tell whether it's a sunrise or a sunset, and I would probably have guessed wrong too, if I had not known that lake ;)

Thank you very much for your comment @suzana72, have a great week ahead 🙂
BTW I like the last photo too :)

A hot morning !COFFEEA is very important for me to wake up from my !DERANGED dreams 😉

Somehow by feel I recognize the sunrise, because I mostly photograph the sunsets .... and I look at them every day..... but I couldn't recognize your photo!
You're welcome@johannpiber🤗
And have a graet week too...
Similar worldviews are found ..😊

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When I somehow know where about the directions are then it's pretty easy for me. Otherwise prpbably no chance😉
All the best for the week @suzana72 👍🙂

A hot morning !COFFEEA is very important for me to wake up from my !DERANGED dreams 😉

Yes, when you know where the sun comes up😊@johannpiber I wish you a great week 😊

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