Fan Art Splinterlands // Creeping Ooze //

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Hello community #HIVE!!!😘

Hello dear art lovers I hope you are well ..!

Hola queridos amantes del arte espero que estén bien ..!

the truth is that sometimes I try to understand people a bit as to why they like to get into people's lives ..

la verdad es que a veces trato de entender un poco a la gente en cuanto a por qué les gusta meterse en la vida de las personas ..

And I do not understand that .. if these people already lived their life they should let others live their life, of course that does not mean that we do not give some advice but there is even ...

Y no entiendo que .. si estas personas ya vivieron su vida deberían dejar que otros vivan su vida, claro que no quiere decir que no demos algún consejo pero hay incluso ...

because no one is anyone to get into the lives of others, that's why I say let's just live that nothing matters to us but above all let's be happy ..

porque nadie es nadie para meterse en la vida de los demás, por eso digo solo vivamos que nada nos importa pero sobre todo seamos felices ..

my post today is about a splinterlands Creeping Ooze fan art, I hope you like it and have a happy day ..!

mi publicación de hoy es sobre un fan art de Splinterlands Creeping Ooze, espero que les guste y tengan un feliz día ..!







¡CAREFULLY: @SweetMonsters, with much love and sweetness, see you in my next post!.

Edition: Photoshop



made my morning to see this not sure why haha xD

hahahaha interesting to know honey

Nice art. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks cool! I love that ooze, always cool to see players making their own artwork!


thank you my loves for your comment