Fan Art Splinterlands..!

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Hello community #HIVE!!!😘

Hola queridos amantes del arte espero se encuentren bien ..!

Hello dear art lovers I hope you are well ..!

El dia de hoy les voy a presentar un fan art de splinterlands el cual es mi versión tradicional, ya que ya habia creado la version tradicional..

Today I am going to present you a fan art of splinterlands which is my traditional version, since I had already created the traditional version.


para los tonos de colores uso algunos colores diferentes obtenido la claridad y oscuridad ...espero les guste..

for the color tones I use some different colors obtained the lightness and darkness ... I hope you like it ..






¡CAREFULLY: @SweetMonsters, with much love and sweetness, see you in my next post!.

Edition: Photoshop


Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

looked great with these colors!

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