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Hi Everyone,

A quick update on my status on Splinterlands. Due to COVID19 with the whole family stuck at home & on top of work, time is a premium. I used to play every single day but at the moment, I can only play here and there and then work my way up the leagues during the last week of the season (Thanks @Mattclarke for suggesting that awhile ago). Although I do lose the daily reward cards, I do see the advantage of moving up the ranks faster rather than try to battle it out earlier on with the rest of the group.

I don’t like the feeling of missing my daily challenges so I hope things will somewhat go back to normal I can also go back to my usual Splinerlands routine. I don’t have a habit of checking how my cards are worth and all but I do like to do it once in a while. I just checked and the value of what I earned is still over $1500. Honestly I am happy I have my cards still sitting there and the value of what I have haven’t decreased too much despite the downturn on the crypto prices. I do see some of the expensive card prices have gone down a bit but still high up there.

Screen Shot 20200506 at 12.17.56 am.png

DEC prices are also up as there is a halving promo with an awesome card being randomly airdropped every day. It’s really awesome to see how this game is going and to be part of it is just unbelievable. Don’t forget to check that there are less than 1 million untamed packs left! Exciting times ahead!

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animation by @catwomanteresa

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