My Participation in SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! BARKING SPIDER

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Greetings splinterlands players, today I share with you my battle corresponding to the weekly challenge this time with the card BARKING SPIDER with which I am not used to play so it was a fun experience to use this monster.

Monster designs source: @splinterlands


Source: @splinterlands

BARKING SPIDER is a card of the Earth attribute with 4 mana and the BLIND ability which makes the enemy monsters have a high probability of failing their meele or ranged attacks. The card starts with 1 ranged attack points at level 1 and progresses to 3 points at level 10 acquiring the BLIND ability at level 6.

The Battle

Here's a video of my battle

@criptoanarquista vs @funworlding Link here.

In this battle I used the summoner Daria Dragonscale which allows me to use monsters from the Dragon attribute and the Earth attribute with which I can elaborate a variety of combinations.

Team Played in the battle

As you can see in the battle I placed the resistant LORD ARIANTHUS in first position which has abilities that allow him to reduce the damage of any kind of attack, secondly I used MANTICORE a card that with its reach ability can inflict great damage to the opponent.

In the third position use COCATRICE who with her Dodge ability can dodge a large amount of opponent's attacks, then place WOOD NYMPH to heal the top ranking monster while strengthening my entire team.

At this point in the fifth place use the challenge card of today BARKING SPIDER, this card when used in level 6 has the BLIND ability which makes the enemy monsters have a high probability of failing their meele and ranged attacks.

To close the rear, place FURIOUS CHICKEN which protects BARKING SPIDER from the first sneak attack the enemy can make.

BARKING SPIDER is a good choice because with his BLIND ability is useful to protect one's own monsters from enemy attacks by making those monsters fail their attacks.

I usually don't play much with earth, but because it's a reward card I was able to combine it until I had it at level 6 in my collection. In short BARKING SPIDER is a card that can strengthen the strategy in the earth attribute, so it represents a great acquisition in my collection.


Source: @splinterlands

Splinterlands is a collectible card game that runs in the Hive blockchain, in Splinterlands each user has certain cards which make up his collection that he uses to play and face other players. If you are not registered yet you can do it using the following link:


Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

Barking spider has not dodge ability it is called blind but is some kind of dodge, lol.