My Participation in SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! TORTISIAN FIGHTER

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Greetings splinterlands players, today i share with you my battle corresponding to the weekly challenge this time with the card TORTISIAN FIGHTER and my opinion about this card and its use.

Monster designs source: @splinterlands


Tortisian Fighter.png

Source: @splinterlands

TORTISIAN FIGHTER is a card of the water splinter with 4 mana and the SHIELD ability which reduces damage from Melee and Ranged attack and the REPAIR ability which restores some armor to the friendly Monster whose armor has taken the most damage. The card starts with 2 meele attack points at level 1 and progresses to 3 points at level 10 acquiring the SHIELD ability at level 4 and the REPAIR ability at level 8.

The Battle

Here is my battle which corresponds to the HEAVY HITTERS ruleset

@criptoanarquista vs @enminers-36 Link here.

In this battle I used the summoner Xia Seachan which allows me to use monsters from the Water Splinter including Tortisian Fighter.


Team Used in the battle

In my battle I placed THE KRAKEN in the first position so that it would attract all the attacks towards it while weakening the enemy monsters of Meele Attack.

Then I put PRISMATIC ENERGY in case my opponent attacks me with magic to be able to reflect it to him, later SPIRIT MINER reinforces the team with Magic and at the same time with his BLIND Ability he makes the enemy monsters fail their attacks.

In fourth place the powerful SAND WORM with the intention to surprise my rival by the rearguard, next the legendary RULER OF THE SEAS which could not be missing in my water team being a card with a great magical power and fundamental abilities.

Finally I placed the weekly challenge card TORTISIAN FIGHTER, in last place to protect RULER OF THE SEAS from SNEAK attacks once THE KRAKEN is dead.

TORTISIAN FIGHTER is a useful card that gains very interesting skills as it levels up, so I will be using it in my future battles.

The Water Splinter is my second favorite Splinter in which I like to use magic monsters, however, in many battles I can't or don't want to use magic so TORTISIAN FIGHTER represents a good option for these ruleset.


Source: @splinterlands

Splinterlands is a collectible card game that runs in the Hive blockchain, in Splinterlands each user has certain cards which make up his collection that he uses to play and face other players. If you are not registered yet you can do it using the following link:


Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

When you invite to your friend to play but is right there waiting,lol.
Kraken helps a lot but are least tortisian could help the Kraken if it had repair ability, that would be awesome.