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My Youtube Video Unlocking Pack

Greeting to Splinterlands Team

A month before i bought two Untamed Packs from Steem-engine. but after buying them. my steem account hakcer hacked at the same time. so i did not login to steem engine after that. really i was in real stress at that moment. it was my great lost that i do not know, how i share feeling with you but its ok. but today i logined to my steem engine and was trying to transfer my Untamed Packs , in all this process , Grapthar splinterlands team guided me very easily. so i believe that instant help is one of the best act of splinterlands team. becuase whenever i needed help , i got instant help. so i love this instant help of splinterlands team. Dear new user without hesitation you can get instant help from splinterlands team, and players it is the beauty of this community i appreciate it. really it is true. again i salute for this great help .

here i want clear it that i always asked

here i want to tell you that i always asked many questions, to splinterlands team, very deeply to understand, and i never get any word that give me this affect that team is not happy with my question, becasue my english is weak in understanding some time i need to translate into my native language , but i asked many time same question to understand, i got reply in simple to simple way always. so it is one of the best beauty of this team, and community that increase more attraction and love .

Unlocking Untamed Packs

Dear friends today i unlocked my Untamed Packs.

i am very much happy , i got one of the best card in 2nd pack so i am very much excited after getting this card ,


This is the card that i got today , i am very much excited it is LEGENDARY Dragon Monster. and Current market price of this card is this time i show you screenshot of this price


Scale afflictions are especially difficult to treat, so the Gloridax doctors must be skilled at treating all types of monsters, up to and including Dragons. Healing a sick Dragon is often a lost cause, and Scale Doctors are frequently put to death for failure in saving a Dragon’s life.source


it is unicorn mustang, it is not horse, it is unique horse and name of victory in the battle, if we use it in correct rules, so i got it , i have already this one, but i will use it to increase level of unicorn mustang , wow

The wild brown Unicorns of Anumün contrast the white Unicorns of Khymeria in many ways. Unicorn Mustangs travel in herds, while Sacred Unicorns are only seen alone. The brown Unicorns are not considered sacred like the white, but they are still protected from hunt and slaughter by a superstitious stigma that no Lyverian dares challenge. When approached in the wild, Unicorn Mustangs act as though anyone and everyone but fellow Unicorns are their enemies.source


it is third card my favorite, that i had no, but now i have it, yes i have it, it is RARE Life Summoner and current price of this card is $0.37 dollar, so today my day was supper,

i show you screenshot of other cards, that are also best card, so i am very much happy with my invesment, i got profit,





I'm very much happy to invest in these packs, so i got profit, so i have great hope that i will use these card with great rule, and will get more more rank in every season . so really i am very much excited after getting Doctor. so doctor is great entry in my army, so i am very much excited to play with Doctor card.


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I want start this game💪

@akash66 yes join under my line,,, it is best one join to splinterlands

I'm so glad that you find the team accessible and kind. Grapthar is awesome!
Your questions are always welcome!
Thanks for greating great content!

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