Splinterlands Battle Challenge || Theme:JAVELIN THROWER

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Splinterlands Battle Challenge || Theme:JAVELIN THROWER

Hello Friends

Hope you all will be happy and fine. my this battle post is about Javelin Thrower , that is the theme of card of this week splinterland battle challange. so you do not know about this challange or contest you can check all deatail about this splinterlnads battle challenge detail SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! - JAVELIN THROWER


My lineup in this Battle

It was 30 mana battle game, and in this battle i entered with my earth element. if i look deeply in this battle, my opponent cards level was high than me, but i feel that my opponent card placement was not good, so i defeated my opponent very easily or his card position was good, but my card speed was high than opponent, because i have no idea of my opponent cards placement that what was the plan at the time of choosing and placement the card.


LYANNA NATURA || RARE Earth Summoner

Lyann natura was my summoner that i used to enter in this 30 mana battle, it is rare Earth summoner. and i liked very much to use this summoner in mostaly battle. so she is my favourite summoner, do not think that she is she, she is one of the best summoner, who lead her army very well . i love this summoner very much.

After the Magi of the Forest, Lyanna is the greatest summoner from Anumün. She has many powers in addition to summoning, including her ability to communicate clearly with animals. She is married to Aggrodius Lightbringer, and they live together in Draykh-Nahka with their two daughters, Kiara and Talia. Lyanna lives a busy and high-profile life, very different from her simple past on the Lyverian countryside.source


i liked this Furious chicken very much, and i never forget to place or use this card. it is RARE Neutral Monster. it is unique card in my line. so it is zero mana cost card. i used this card always in first position in low mana cap game, but it was not low mana battle but i used it at the front line, because i did not want that first attack of enemy my, main card got, so furious chicken role in this battle in my plan was that just , furious chicken will face the first attack of opponent and would die then my main card will attack the enemy . so i was successful in plan.



i placed ChAIN Golem at the 2nd position becuase i was know that furious chicken is just for few second and then i need one strong attacker at the first position so i placed at 2nd postion Chain Golem that controlled the position after the death of Furious chicken in this battle. It is LEGENDARY Neutral Monster , it has ability of strong attack, so i also used this card in every battle, specially in low and high both battle, becasue if opportunity to use this card, then i feel i must use this card because it is one of the strongest card in my card list and it iron, its metal attack broke the legs and bone of opponent card if there is any level of battle. so in this battle it showed its power that it is strong one chain golem, chain golem is name of victory.



i placed it at 3rd position but she work as tank healing for the her army and also its attack destroy health direct. here i will say honestly i do not use very much heal tank in my battle but i do not know why i not use , but whenever i use its help to make battle win. so i think i feel that i need more strong attacker than healing the front line but my this idea is not good, because when i see that my opponent has healing tank then i feel that i should also have this one, so here i will guide to new user that if you are going to enter in big mana game, then always try to keep use this healing card, that will help you to win battle.


I Placed at 4th postion, Javelin Thrower , it is the theme here card of in this week battle challenge , so why i did place this at 4th place? yes i placed it at 4th place because i want to protect this card and i wanted to see this card fight till the end of the battle. so at this position this card was safe in my plan, because her attack speed is very much fast so if this card mean she live alive till 3rd round its mean victory will be mine. so my plan was successfull, because my opponent used the fire splinter throw, and so my healing tank lost her life because of the fire thrower attack, so if there was javeling thrower, it was 100 % chances that she also lose her life, and she was not able to stay alive till 3rd round that was victory round. so we check its abilties we can see following abilities of this card.


The Javelin Throwers are an especially savage small tribe of female warriors who live in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia. Well known for wearing suits made from the skins of reptiles they kill, these wild women are rarely seen in any settlement or city.source




super super card. Kron The Undying is one of the super card, that has healing abilities, its attack direct destroy the life line of the opponent. so if any one ask to me that which is the your favourite and best investment in splinterlands , i will say to him without thinking that Kron the Undying is my best investment . i gave this card position last. so it is not that i used this card in this battle but i feel if you are using this card, then always use this card at last position. so it is one of the best winner card in every level big mana cap. if you opponent is more strong then this card will give him a tough time, and it is possible that this card bring victory in your pocket. so it is my super super card and in this battle he played very well as its style is.


What about My Strategy work out well or not?

here i will say that my Strategy work and you can see in video above that my all card position was strong than my opponent and victory with big margin also is proof that my strategy was best than my opponent and i love to use this card that is the theme of this week, so i always used this card.



If you want to see my this battle live then you can see my this battle live on splinterlands website. there is below link of the battle.

it is direck link to my this battle.

DIRECT LINK TO BATTLE :Splinterlands Battle Challenge || Theme:JAVELIN THROWER


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Nicely done and good job taking part.

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thank dear brother

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Man! That was an awesome lineup!
I still never think to put the chicken in the front (to soak an early blow)... but I bet I'll start remembering.🤣 @carrieallen
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Thank you very much for appreciating my line uo. Yes furious chicken is best for first😃