Splinterlands Battle Challenge || THEME: OPPORTUNITY

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Splinterlands Battle Challenge || THEME: OPPORTUNITY

Hello Friends

First of all, here is 2nd day of Eid and Eid mubrak. Eid is the happiest day of in our life , we celebrate it with great joy and happiness . This week splinterlands weekly battle challenge theme rule is Opportunity. so opportunity is ability of card. it is not name of any monster so in this them we will use the cards that has opportunity ability of fight. these type of card can attack any side and in any position so there are abilities of cards in splinterlands battle game so every card has diffierent ability of fight so some card just are useful in first place, and some in 2nd or 3rd postion. but there are also some card that has ability of opportunity that mean this ability holder card can be use in any position , if a card has ability skills its mean that card can be use at any place so this week, splinterlands weekly battle theme rule is opportunity.

if you want to know more about this battle detail so you can visit this post to get more information about contest SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Earn Upvotes! - OPPORTUNITY👁


My lineup in this Battle

i played two battle with cards that had opportunity abilities so first battle was 50 mana battle , in this battle i played with feasting Seaweed card this card is my favorite card and has opportunity ability and in 2nd battle was 26 mana game, in this i used Screeching Vulture card and this card also has opportunity ability in fight. you can see both battle in above video. that i specially recorded for my this post to spread the word of splinterlands on youtube also. hope you all will enjoy my both battle victory.

My First Battle Lineup



i bought two month ago first time level 2 RARE Water Summoner , it is bortus, so in this battle i entered in battle field with Bortus Summoner, it was big mana 50 game, so i have good card for 50 mana battle so it is only one summoner that has 2 level ability to use monster.

Many of the Turtle people known as Tortisians are skilled in magic, but only Bortus has risen to the level of summoner in the Mount Mox Tournaments. He taunts and summons like he has something to prove to everyone who watches, and he absolutely hates the fact that his name rhymes with tortoise. Frankly, the comparison of a glorified Tortisian summoner to a common tortoise is offensive to Bortus.source


I placed Chain Golem at first place in this game, reason of using it at first place was that it was 50 mana game, so in this mana i feel that If i have Chain Golem then first position is for this card so at first place it will try to weak the opponent army first position so i saw in this battle it did same, it broke the first position of the army and my card that had the ability of opportunity killed the opponent card very easily so Chain Golem is LEGENDARY Neutral Monster. so i will request to all new comer that never miss to buy this card from market that will help you achieve more level in every season.


i placed Sea monster at 2nd place, why i used this card at 2nd place, because 90% splinterlands player i saw use it at first place, reason was this to keep this card at 2nd place, i placed Chain Golem at first place, so in my mind was this that if my Chain Golem died easily by enemy then my sea monster will be able to destroy first position of opponent because this card has ability of restore monster health in each round so Chain golem would destroy the first position then after death of golem chain sea monster will replace the position of golem chain so we will be in great position to win the battle in this way. so my all plan worked very well as was in my mind.



i placed seas genie at 3rd place , so i feel if i am placing Golen Chain at first position and sea monster at 2nd then in this mana sea Genie is best choice to keep it at 3rd place , because it has ranged ability of attack and its attack destroy direct health of opponent. but it is not 100% confirm that my recommendation about this card at 3rd place are correct, here i am sharing my view that i apply in battles and also in did in this battle. so it is also true that 3rd place is very much dangerous and risky place for any monster because this position is always in eyes of opponent and many attack come to this place, i observed.


i placed PHANTOM OF THE ABYSS at 4th place, it is also LEGENDARY Water Monster so it has unique abilities of fight so i also used this card in big mana game at 4 or last position , depend on situation and rule of battle.




is hero of this battle, this is the card that has ability of opportunity so opportunity is also the theme of this week splinterlands weekly battle challenge , in this battle this card killed two card and it was in postion of killed all card but it missed its two attack also, so this card also came back to home alive, you can see that how this card kileed first two card , this killed killed first card that was the main card of enemy and then again 2nd card in next round up this card killed , but in next round this missed its two chance but still remain alive FEASTING SEAWEED
is COMMON Water Monster. but here question is that why did i place this card at this position, reason was this that opportunity card has no very much health, so i wanted to keep this card at safe and protected place, so i feel that center of the postion is best choice for any opportunity card so i wanted to keep this card at center to protect this card. so i was successful in my thought. if you want to read more ability of this card then visit splinterlands,

These jungle vines look harmless enough at a distance, but with a closer look you will notice tiny toothed mouths all over the surface of the plant. If you dozed off, the vines would quickly wrap around your entire body and sink the teeth in. Over the next ten minutes, they would drain every ounce of liquid from you, desiccating you alive.source





i placed WATER ELEMENTAL at last position because at this position it can restore its health in every round so if enemy attack at last position strongly then this card would be able to restore its health in each round so other hands its attack also was very strong so this card help to protect the my theme ability card also, because if i used at last position weak card then next target would be my 5th card so at 5th position was opportunity skill card that has low health so here we need to think that we need to protect our low health card then i used this at last position hope you will like my plan , it is not necessary that every one agree with my plan , these plan was in my mind at the time of selection card so WATER ELEMENTAL is Water Monster card.


My lineup in 2nd Battle



In 2nd battle i used DARIA DRAGONSCALE summoner for fight it is EPIC Dragon Summoner. so in this battle my strategy was same as was in first but in first and 2nd position i changed my plan because of mana, it was not very much big mana game, so it was 26 mana game, so i need to plan according to mana range, so i was also going to use opportunity ability card also, so this ability card has low health so i had all these point in my mind.



you all know that why do i use furious chicken at first position , so i many time explained that i used to this card at first place to soak the attack of enemy so this was 26 mana game, so it was very much interesting to use this card at first postion, so this card faced first attack of enemey and then went to die, so this was reason that this card would face the first attack of enemy so this was reason,


so i placed CREEPING OOZE at 2nd position, same my thought was for ooze for its 2nd position, i was thinking that if in first attack of opponent furious chicken went to die then ooze will face 2nd attack of enemy side in this way my main card will start its attack to enemy so i was successful in my plan. hope you will liked my this plan of this battle.



as you saw that i used this at first position in first battle but here in 3rd position so it is depend on rule of game so why did i use first two card at first line and 2nd i told you so this card has great power so my two card faced first attack of enemy so now my this card was main card in this low mana and earth quake now this card was in position after death of first two card that attack the enemy before appearing earth quake, so this was the plan in my mind that before coming earth quake my two first card will face the attack and then this card attack will be dangerous for opponent before earth quake arrival so i was successful in my plan.


SCREECHING VULTURE has ability of opportunity so this is the also theme rule of this challenge so reason of this card at this position only was to keep safe this card as i had explained about my first battle so this SCREECHING VULTURE is COMMON Earth Monster. you can see in the video that this card also killed two card as done by first battle . so hope you also will like my new plan in this game.


Will the screeching never cease? Not if you’re living in the foothills of the Seed Mountains of Anumün. The place is so teeming with life that death is quite widespread as well. If it weren’t for the diligent work of the Vultures, rotting carcasses would be everywhere. When a beast goes down for the last time, the Vultures know instantly, as if by some magical perception. They always approach the carrion with just the right number of Vultures. The screeching is simply the delighted noise they make while they’re ripping into flesh. When summoned to battle, these hook-beaked buzzards will also go after the living.source


here in this battle my last card was KRON THE UNDYING , it has also many abilities so this card helped me to win this battle also it is LEGENDARY Earth Monster. hope you all will like my different plan of both battle .

What about My Strategy work out well or not?

YES, my strategy worked as i planned in both battle. it is proof that i won both battle with different plan so i can say without hesitation that my strategy worked.

Do you hate this ability? WHY?

this question was asked by team that Do you hate this ability? WHY?, so here i want to honestly i do not hate, i love this abilities rule, so in this way we can use card that has position to attack all side, so it is my favourite ability.



it is direck link to my this battle.

DIRECT LINK TO BATTLE :Splinterlands Battle Challenge || THEME: OPPORTUNITY



it is direck link to my 2nd battle.

DIRECT LINK TO BATTLE :Splinterlands Battle Challenge || THEME: OPPORTUNITY


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