Splinterlands Battle Weekly Challenge! Win Upvotes!THEME: MANTICORE

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Above is Yotube video of my Battle

Aslam-Mu-Alakum ,Every one!

Dear friends, i could not write post in last week because my steem account has been hacked by bot-hackers and they transferred my steem and sbd to scam account, but we are deeply observing them , hope we will be soon tracked them by their activties . so it is my this week weekly battle challenge entry.

my this post is to take participate in weekly battle challenge contest that is organized by @splinterlands team, @Steemmonsters team , if you do not know about this contest then you can get complete detail from this post SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Win Upvotes!

Dear friends, before writing this post, i will request to you all, please keep safe your account, and do not use copy paste option , always try to login with posting key and if you are buying or transferring any amount then three time check memo and key , then make clear and submit ok button .


My lineup in this Battle

in this battle my army lineup was very good and my opposite side also was same . but my card placement was good , so victory was in my favour .




It was 21 mana game, and i placed Furious Chicken at first postion. so i placed it at first because , i did not want that my leader card face first attack from enemey, becuase i had plan that if furious chicken face first attack then my monster will take its place will be in postion to break front line of enemy . so it was the reason of placing furious chicken at first place.image



one of the my favourite card is LIVING LAVA , i call it , fire man or fire of death for opposite army. I Placed it at 2nd place, because i had plan that already i mentioned in my above line, that when furious chicken will die then this card will replace its place and then it will attack on front line of enemy so my plan worked as i was thinking .image


MANTICORE is hero card of this week. so it was also theme card of this battle , so i placed it at number 3, because Furious chicken was at first place, then lave was 2nd, so it was very much necessary to keep it at number three because furious chicken life was under thread just in one attack of enemy. so after death of FC , this card will take place of 2nd position, so i tried to play this card at many position to check it best place , so here i will say with 100 % confirm that at the 2nd place this card play very well, so in this battle you can all see in video, or by direct link that it proof that 2nd place is for its.

Another product of the twisted genetic experiments of the Gloridax is on the loose. The hybrid monster known as the Manticore is a cross between a Dragon, a Lion, a scorpion, and countless other monstrosities from which it draws its powers. Except when summoned to battle, the Manticore answers to no one. source


I placed Flame Monkey at 4th place, and it is the best place for this monkey, monkey is very naughty animal and also an intelligent forest animal. so new player of splinterlands think that it is not good card, but i say that flame monkey if get chance then it can damage opponent.so i placed it at 4th place to protect my last card, but i feel 2nd place or first place is best place for this card in low mana game. but in this battle at 4th place it helped and protected my last position card that was my also idea in game.


i placed it at 2nd last place. it is COMMON Neutral Monster , so i also like it very much to take in low mana game, this card help to protect other card in shape of shield so, if any one has level one CO , then i think we can use it in battle as shield for other cards, .so this game was also low mana game, so i also used it for this purpose , my plan worked very good.


wow one of my favourite card with heavy speed of attack, it is Fire Spitter that is my favourite card, i always try to use this card in every battle if i have rule to use it. its attack i like very much, and i love to keep this card at 2nd last or last place in battle, i am getting good result from these places, so i want to know about this card more, that in which rule this card play very well hope , my idea of placing this card at 2nd last and last place , you all will agree . so in this game, this card fought very bravely, and now i am winner of this game.


Did this Strategy work out well?

Yes my plan worked 100% and i am winner of this battle, so it is proof that my card placement was according to my plan, and so i got victory. here i wanna mention that i do not use this card very much but today i played at least over dozen battle with card, i was winner in 70% game, so now i will use this card in low mana card, so in low mana battle this card is best , i feel it,.



Date & Time: 09/04/2020, 07:10:25
BATTLE ID: d4a9c440805b66766cf49f3895159a574184ce70

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Yousaf! What happened?!
Did you get your funds returned? I see you're posting from your account so that means you have control of it.
How scary!

Onto the battle: Very nice. I really need to start putting the chicken in the front rather than the back. Normally, I use him to help with backline protection from snipers, but giving your tanks an extra round can be super helpful too.

I also love that monkey. I think he can be very useful.

And the star! The Manticore! Yup. This card is awesome.
Glad to see you back! Hope everything turns out okay.

I was buying SM pack from steem-engine and that time my active key bot hacker stole and transfered my all unsave fund steem over 960 and Sbd 68 ... All happend at the time of buying pack Splinterlands. @carrieallen , no i did not get my fund

OMG. That's awful.
So you were manually inputting your keys, rather than using Keychain? Or where you using Keychain?