Splinterlands Quest Challange || Win 5 Battles With Fire Splinter

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Hello Dear Friends!

Today my Quest reward was really excellent and my son Ahmad mustafa unlocked today my Splinterlands quest reward. really when he op
opened last card, there was amazing prize hidden, that was ESSENCE ORB, MEAN 5 MORE CARDS . SO I WILL UNLOCK MY essence orb reward tomorrow because my daughter said to me that she will unlock if i got any pack or orb, today she went to her grandmother home. so she will come back tomorrow. so do not want to open this orb without her.



i got Wave runner card in today quest reward i have already this card level 3 and extra more so today this card entry will help me to increase level of my this card, it is really one of the best card that help very good to win battle, if you have this card then use this card at 2nd postion you will get good result in battle. it is COMMON Water Monster. so liked this card very much in battle.


The Wave Runner sees not one but two sets of prey. The first set of eyes scours the ocean for a tasty morsel. The second set of eyes looks above to the skies for unsuspecting flyers. With a powerful swipe of its tail the Wave Runner can leap out of the water and bring giant birds and dragons alike into the water where its body provides a natural fighting advantage. It's best to find land or make peace with your soul if you're unfortunate enough to face a Wave Runner.source



it is 2nd card that i have got in today quest reward and it COMMON Life Monster. so with help of this post, i want to know more about this card.i have total 13 cards but i did not use this card very much, mean i have this card from last over one month or more but i did only played 5 or 10 games in two month. so i have no idea about this card, and i am not understanding position of this card or role of this card. so if any splinterlands expert user of this card is reading my this post, my request to him/her please help me in comments that how can when i can use this card for best result. hope you all will help me in use of this card. because this is very extra ordinary card, but really i am hunting in which rule and battle it is best. hope you all will help me.



this is 3rd that i got in today Quest reward so it is one of the my favourite card that i use it in every high mana battle, it is not common card, it abilities is to win battle and really i liked this card very much in every high mana battle so i love to place this card at last position if i not heeling card in last position, if i used heeling card at last position in high mana battle then i use to place this card at 2nd last place so these two position i always keep in my mind for this card. so if any one do not know about this card that how to use it, or what is best position of this card in high mana battle then i will suggest that follow my position that will help you to understand the abilities of this card. so today entry of this card will help me to increase the level of this . so it is COMMON Fire Monster

Other Award

  • 36 Dark Energy crystal (DEC)

So Dear Friends!

if you do not know still about splinterlands battles gaming, then join it without wasting time. here you can not only kill your free time or enjoy time, but you can earn really extra earning, you can earn cards, then you can sell them into markets so you can win daily quest reward, there are many quest reward are waiting for you .every day you can get quest reward after completing challenge so come and enjoy this battle lands.

dear friends, splinterlands is very much active and very much high supported community by hive and from all communities so i will highly recommend to you if you are lover of blockchain gaming. so i am very much happy with my investment that i did in this plate forum.


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How exciting!
Can't wait to see what you and your daughter open in your Orb. I hope it's awesome! 😍@carrieallen