Thoughts On The Future of STEEM

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Bullish, I think this is a huge opportunity!

The community and the witnesses need to impose our will, we need to a show of strength.

No option is off the table for me. Except for the death of the Steem chain

We should look hard at governance to help this issue of one stake hodler to rule them all.

The witnesses assembled quickly, ready to protect the chain. The community showed up and made noise. This place is special.

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First, I am glad Justin’s interview slip kind of forced his hand to release this news early. This allows the Steem community and witnesses to give our input into how this goes down. If they waited and had their plans all ready to go before they announced this, it would have been harder for us to give our input.

Second, I truly do not think Justin realizes the gem of a blockchain he invested in. Once he learns what is here and that this community is unlikely to just switch over to Tron or whatever, I think the opposite will play out and the Tron dApps and developers are going to come over to us. This isn’t egg on his face because now he owns a major stake in both. He will come to fully appreciate all the advantages we have once he learns about us and the technology and it will only make sense for us to continue to exist and thrive.


We won boys. B8BA6D3B-91B1-4777-9F75-73C9B6098C12.jpeg

That's a lot of Steem. :D

Yeah but it's a lot less Steem than it would have been a week or two ago!

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Congrats. Don't do what I always do, donating it all to others on a cash table :)

did you raise pocket 5s under the gun? :D

yep. i'm agro

Didn’t you raise it to 5555? 😂 You might have a tell...

Either raise or fold, that's how to win.

Something to work with after two days of depressing information flying all around. I guess we can steady the ship might take time. Thanks a lot Dan

Well, something to look forward to then! After so much confusion and negativity on the initial.announcement, and the AMA being somewhat underwhelming, thanks for bringing some positivity.

Just went on and bought some yesterday before the AMA. I do expect some turbulence in the price action in the coming days

I'll be looking to buy some more if there’s a bigger price dip, though i'm a very small investor. For now I'll be focused on accumulating as much steem as I can from my blog!

Here's to not giving up on steem!


I’ve commented in multiple places about looking at making governance based on 1 SP = 1 vote, so that stake isn’t boosted by a multiple of 30 in the witness voting process. Discussion in this post has me realize that simply decreasing the number of witness votes does much the same thing, and far simpler. 5-10 witness votes per account would also be a sufficient remedy to help decentralize governance further. And arguably, it’d actually be more user friendly. As Steem heavy as I am myself, I can’t keep up with researching and casting a full 30 witness votes in good conscience... less choice is sometimes more!

Of course, it's very special. When I thought that with retirement it's all over steemit taught me that no, that we have other ways to acquire an extra ticket. Thanks to you for this unconditional help and your contests Blessings and all will be for the better ... I believe it!

Thanks : @theycallmedan.

Good stuff man, I forgot how much I missed your videos on steem.

Hello @theycallmedan, moving towards steemit's future at a steady pace.

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Best Thing I have heard someone say in Months. YES Swing Big and You will Make HUGE Gains.......Not Saving for Margaritas on the Beach Here @theycallmedan


Glad to hear you share this @theycallmedan!

I keep thinking about what has happened in the last few days, and I can't help but feel that there are more potential UPsides than DOWNsides. Steem is really a "value play"

As I have posted elsewhere, someone like Justin comes in with money, resources and marketing skills, and gets what? 70M odd Steem/SP under his control? At a cost of $0.25 per Steem... throw some of those resources at development and marketing Steem "in place" and a couple of years later you have $10 Steem... even if you put a ridiculous sum like $100M at building Steem, he'd still come out over a half billion ahead...

And that's completely without all the panic talk of moved chains and mergers and losing the community.

I like that you mention the karmic angle, too... yes, karma does matter...


What you've just said in the video fully resonates what I was thinking, and I'm very much bullish on the idea of Tron giving more value towards what Steem has to offer. There are indeed opportunities that is available for communities on both sides and with hopefully an interoperability between steem, btt and trx would be established it would make it a win win situation for everyone.

Cheers and have a brilliant weekend buddy

Dan, thanks for your thoughts.
I was wondering how the AMA went.
Also, what does Tron have that Steem needed? I'm not familiar enough with it and you seem to be the guy to ask. Thanks.

He payed probably 10-20 million for 51% in Steemit inc and he can potentially move a 100million USD blockchain to TRON. He already 5-10x his money. Lets not fool outselves in thinking that he is in it for the STEEM ROI and wants to trade his tokens. He bought a product he intends to keep.

download 1.jpeg

Dan, im going all in on this, gonna be buying steem and tron!! Let the pessimists cry all they want, i dont care!

Damn, 70 Million! Let's see where justin can take us in the future :)

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Let's go!

I hear you @theycallmedan. I am all in. Nothing but Steem here for me. I have "picked the lane and pushed the gas down " :)

I have been having the same thought as yours which is why I haven't powered down as many have started. We are getting more exposure, and Polonix is having Steem back so that is just a step to getting us back on track and potentially more exchanges with Steem. It is an opportunity for us all.

Love the DJ Shadow intro! Respect!

I felt, Sun does not understand anything about steem echo system at all, and just bought it and was totally not prepared for the AMA. It was more targeted to get some traffic to dlive I felt.

One thing, I observed, that we could embed the 3speak videos to steem posts ?

And pretty well said, its a community effort and its the community that will make steem more valuable.

So excited. Powered up my account, made a community, and onboarding people. Once the first person joined, the flood gates opened, and i've been massaged daily by people asking how to get started on steemit.

I'm very happy that steem holds it tokens & everything as it is, if no definite changes happens which will worsen situations, it's good to go with it. Thanks for the AMA & more opportunities underway!

I'd be surprised if Steem would die because of this. If everything goes well, the community will be motivated to keep on stronger than before, ultimately leading to the new rise of Steem.

This is a financial advice:
Everybody should send me their money. I can be responsible for your money too!


Sorry, but my sluggish ass internet connection prevent me to watch videos. Especially on 3Speak.

But even so, I felt like I should comment something here for luring that perpetual elusive upvote. LoL

@theycallmedan steem is our, we are one family, we love steem very much, yes it is time to think together , so it is good sentence to call that "The community and the witnesses need to impose our will, we need to a show of strength." we should show our strength, thank you very much for this great video with great thought, we love steem, i liked your thought thank brother


Assume you are right - we all have to fight and raise our voices

I find it hard to get past the advantages Steem had over Tron. Yes Tron have a lot of money to throw around at the moment but that's mostly because they did an ICO. Tron is higher market cap but Steem was there not that long ago, so that doesn't mean much. I'm not convinced that Justin is great at marketing because the announcement of an announcement, that turns out to be misleading grows old fast. I don't feel like accumulating Steem at the moment, I hope that changes but I can't go all in when I'm not sure where we are going. I am pleased that Ned has gone, at least Justin seems to have a lot of enthusiasm and energy.

@tipu curate

but after the discussion sun now knows we love steem and want to secure it. I think thats a good thing :)

So we can respect each other, because we know the standpoints :)

I wish there was one thing Justin Sun grokked: the cryptocurrency space is not about stealing anybody's thunder but network effect. We are drop in bucked in financial and adoption terms. With blockchain interoperability, every coin and token will win because of a larger network effect.

Love your mindset on this dude, jumping all into what you believe.

One uniting factor for all of us, no matter what side you're one: Exciting times are ahead. And exciting times are, well, exciting ;^)

Great thoughts as always Dan! i agree with the most points you made. i made a video about the tron topic too and am bullish what is about to come

Good video Dan, seems like there are some worried with the Sun/Steemit deal!

I guess making the same points again about your conviction and the skin you have in the game surely helps quite a few fellow steemians.

I also think that dropping that kind of substantial stake into the game, like Justin just did, speaks volumes to the great the massive potential of Steem that he and other investors see here.

In my estimation the best thing about this is indeed the recognition Steem gets from this. There's so much great stuff going on in Steem adding to the great capabilities of this impressive project!

For people new to Steem the added functionalities/possibilities might come across as a little too much though and I'm pretty sure an average user will have a hard time digging into all of this.

I believe it's important to keep on pushing for users/user engagement and discourse in and about Steem.

On this front news like Justin's move is great marketing!


thanks for your sharing. i think so, i will hold my steem and keep my way on steemit.

Our witnesses should be swift to protect the chain @theycallmedan otherwise a lot of people like me will going to get affected if steem dies or something.

If anything this should wake the entire community up to the volatility of centralizing all repo operations out of only . We really need a semi-decentralized repo. Imagine a nuclear submarine has two keys to send the nukes, we already need 17 keys to fork, but only ONE key to maintain the entire codebase? What. Why was this design approved by witnesses? This is how bitcoin failed. I've said this many times to many witnesses. I'll say it again, (we need a new repo system with stake and voting built in) eventually we will figure out a way to engineer this that spreads the power equally between interested and deserving parties of the Steem blockchain.


Very Interesting!!! I Can see the growth lately & it's amazing.

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Personally I am very excited and excited about this great step that has been taken.

I think that although at first the currency may be somewhat more variable than usual, I believe that in the future it will stabilize at values much higher than the current one.

There is something we should keep in mind: No one makes an investment to lose the invested capital, but rather if an investment of the likes of @justinsunsteemit invested in steemit because he believes it can increase its value.

You have to be patient; as the precision is given, the spirits will calm down, and the currency will stabilize towards the upside.


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@theycallmedan, Beauty of Steem is Community and Collaborative essence is the real Strength 💪 which helped Steem thrive from the beginning.

I don't know about the Future 🔮 but in my opinion Steem is destined aspect and it will going to continue with more Strength and all these obstacles will going to make Steem Community more Powerful.

But whatever it is, current stories are becoming great Promotional aspects for Steem and after some Silent years we are seeing that Steem is slowly achieving the Center Of The Universe 🌌 Visibility.

Let's enjoy this Roller-coaster Journey. Stay blessed brother.

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Either way, it’ll be good :-)
I’m not worried about price at all, but right now we need to make sure the lines of communication are open to ensure continue to incentivize community contribution and quality content and an overall civil attitude. I hope they realize we know this place far better than they can and the @exyle and @andrarchy interview put me at ease when they said Justin first asked what the team needed before pushing any ideas into them. We will see!

Hot damn, those were pretty inspiring and confidence-boosting words. Thanks!

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Summary says, don't buy STEEM when Dan buys STEEM!

However, this is an opportunity. Buy? :D

xD pretty much

Still listening. I'm all about the Margarita on the beach.

One of these projects/people gonna take me there I hope.

Bro, im not tipy toeing around!! 🤣😂😃