Spinterland's Rent-A-Deck Project - Day 2

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This is the second post on my new Splinterlands Rent-A-Deck Project.

The goal of this project is to see how strong of a Spinterlands deck I can build just from the earnings on posting about this project and playing the game.



Starting out, I'm going to cheat a bit and "pay out" my posts to the project early using my own HIVE. Normally my posts don't earn much more after the first day or so, so it is a fair estimate of what I will earn. After I get the project off the ground I will go ahead and wait till these posts pay out to rent more cards.

I created a spreadsheet to track the post earnings. I'm using the displayed post rewards from the various frontends (peakd, leofinance, proofofbrain, etc.) and divided them by 2 to get author rewards. I then multiply the author rewards by the current token prices to calculate a dollar value of each token I'm earning. Finally I sum that up to get the dollar value for the post.

Day 1 earnings, $2.95, weren't too bad and certainly will let me get started with renting some cards.


Tomorrow Is Shopping Day

So tomorrow I am going to hit the rental market and see what I can get with $2.95. I'm planning on going with a minimum of 14 day rentals, but may go for longer rentals if the deal is too good to pass up.

I am also going to try and target Gold for next season so I will need to increase my power a lot from where I am now. Depending on how my power increase with the cards I can find tomorrow I may revise my target.

Are You Playing?

Are you playing Splinterlands? If so, drop me a note with some ideas on what cards I should be looking to get. If not, consider signing up using my referral code - https://splinterlands.com?ref=nexus08

Thanks For Reading

I hope you find this project interesting and come back tomorrow to see how the project is going.



I'm not a financial advisory and this is not financial advice, these are just my thoughts. DYOR and all investments have risk. Splinterlands is a game, not an investment. Yada yada.

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I think the post earnings can be more or less off depending on the HIVE feed price. So I think you may want to keep track of what it is now and what it is later and add/subtract the difference.

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Good idea. Thanks!

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