Why having 1 extra card could save you in Splinterlands.

Hello everyone it's Mr.Crypto and today i got a little bit of advice for you in splinterlands. So recently while i was playing in matches with 14 mana or 19 mana. And i will usually have a few slots left so why not add another monster. But you see it's full and start the match. You end up losing and almost made it to victory.

So what extra monster can you use to fill up a space you may ask. Well it's a furious chicken.


Costing 0 mana has 1 heart and 1 attack. In some battles it's actually pretty effective when you have monsters that have abilities that give extra damage or extra health. Here is one of my recent gameplays with the furious chicken: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=d42303f8c30b09e8226743ad4a53c8af55a1fd05&ref=monsterpit

I honestly think it's a good extra card to have just incase i can use it in smaller mana battles. Let me know what you think. I just finished my season 2 of the monsterpit account and made it to Gold lll again. Maybe this next time i'll make it higher and earn more rewards. I took some time to level up some cards as well so when i get all the cards in the end i'll have some good ones. Time to get some daily rewards.

Thanks for stopping by, Mr.Crypto