Splinterlands Experiment - From Zero to Hero - CCXIII

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this season is going very slowly. Just got into Diamond III and have been battling my way in Gold I for the past few days.

The rewards are very bad so far. Today there was finally an epic card, which I don't use anyway because I prefer to use the Alpha Selenia Sky.

I played a couple of tournaments again where a couple of DECs have been won. I mostly play the alpha tournaments because that's where I have the most cards.

For this season I plan to come to the Diamond I and will try to play a few tournaments again. It's a short season, so I had to renew my goal.

I still have 76 Untamed and 8 Dice packs to open and will do this slowly when I collect the needed Potions.

If someone gave me a good price, I would sell all the cards.

One day my goal is to have a good deck that I can sell to an investor.

I want to sell my cards from the @victor-alexander account for 55000 Hive. If you are interested, please contact me.

Until next time!


diese Saison läuft sehr langsam. Bin gerade erst in Diamond III gekommen und habe mich in den letzten Tage in Gold I gekämpft.

Die Rewards sind sehr schlecht bis jetzt. Heute gabe es endlich mal eine epische Karte, was ich ja sowieso nicht benütze, weil ich lieber die Alpha Selenia Sky einsetzen.

Habe wieder ein paar Turniere gespielt, wo ein paar DEC gewonnen habe.Ich spiele meistens die Alpha Turniere, weil da habe ich die meisten Karten.

Für die heute Saison plane ich, ins Diamond I zu kommen und werde versuchen wieder ein paar Turniere zu spielen. Es ist eine kurze Saison, darum musste ich mein Ziel erneuern.

Ich habe noch 76 Untamed und 8 Dice Packs zu öffnen und werde dieses langsam machen, wenn ich die benötigte Potions sammle.

Wenn mir jemand einen guten Preis gibt, würde ich alle Karten verkaufen.

Ich möchte meine Karten von dem @victor-alexander Konto für 55000 Hive verkaufen. Wenn ihr Interesse daran habt, bitte melden.

Bis demnächst!

If you would like to play the game, give it a try at splinterlands.

Deisgn by @mrgodby


Hi! Wouldn't it be better to sell them one by one instead of selling the bulk of them at a discount? And how would you do it, transfer them 1 by 1?

Thanks for the tip. I want to sell the bulk at once as a jackpot, till someone comes, I keep and earn on them.

Transfer in bulk can be done via peakmonsters.com, as the easiest option.

I didn't know that Peakmonsters offered that feature, I spent almost one hour gifting myself cards 1 by 1 from my girlfriends account when she decided to stop playing 🤣


Click on the marked area, and it will select all.

The packs are always a gamble. I seem to have bad luck as I usually get below the market value of a pack overall Did you buy the DICE packs or did you get them from the LP pools/events? They are more expensive than the Untamed ones and I don't think you can get it from reward chests.

I spent a bit on Splinterlands before I learned of HIVE so I am still in the red but I am slowly making my way to break even. I have been doing tournaments and usually I earn DEC but the amount I earn is small compared to the effort put in. Though sometimes I do well and get a decent amount of DEC.

I got them via the Land Purchase Event, where I had a lot of tickets and some rewards have been the packs. I'm not buying packs any more as I think I'm better off with targeted purchases.

Very nice. I think I have been taking quite a bit of DEC out of Splinterlands recently for other tokens such as DHEDGE and other investments. But I leave all the cards and placed a few bids in PeakMonsters incase I get some cards for cheap. I have also leased out some of my duplicate cards on PeakMonsters. Sometimes it takes a while but you can generate a little bit of HIVE.