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RE: Splinterlands FanArt || Fire Elemental

in OnChainArtlast year

I bet @lallo would like it lol

Ooohh you can scream it Baby ;) Lovely miniskirt!
Anyway when i saw this drawing i thought it was a little bit different from your usual style, with a bit less attention to detail. But after reading your post i understand way. Don't worry about that. You drew an AMAZING sexy-fire-girl with a lovely miniskirt ;) Your style breaks ASSES and you are one of my favorite artist here on hive.
p.s. Fuck Electricity
p.s.2 Un monton de besos para ti :*


hehehehe si eres loquito!!! ;)

well I'm glad you read and realized my reasons. Yes, electricity, the Internet and many services are crap and now even TV has been taken away from us. :(

Thank you love, I appreciate your support... and I hope that over time I will continue to be one of your favorite artists in the community. ;)

Kisses and take care. <3 <3 <3