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RE: Splinterlands FanArt || Fire Elemental

in OnChainArt6 months ago

That power situation sounds incredibly frustrating x_x and it also sucks about missing the contest deadline. But on the bright side the character still came out great :) and I find it interesting that you leave the head/face til last, I'm so used to seeing people start from the head XD


Yes, it is true... I also start with the head but only "sometimes" that is, I mean to detail and finish, in my case everything depends on how I feel that day and how much I want to work on the details, if it is something I quickly focused more on the face and the rest left it much simpler. ;)

In Venezuela it is normal that all this happens, but it bothers me that it just happens when it affects me the most or when I am finishing something. :(

Greetings and thanks for viewing and supporting my work @ryivhnn, take care of yourself. ;)