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RE: Splinterlands Art Contest - Silvershield Bard

in OnChainArt5 months ago

hmmm Wow is what I say! Seeing you in my humble abode after so long is a surprise. You flatter me, it's great that you like it.

You met me when I was a year and a half drawing so now after the same amount of time has passed I have focused on improving each time. Well. I suppose so, I have improved, I think I sleep with the pc. Drawing is what I do full time and what brings food to my tummy so being active is essential (although sometimes for reasons of force majeure it is impossible for me ..) to continue learning and living.

Greetings and take care


You deserve the praise. And you don't need to claim you improved, the work here already speaks for itself. Best of luck to your future works and take care! :D