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RE: Splinterlands Art Contest - Mermaid Healer

in OnChainArt8 months ago

Hi Carrie !! How are you? Thank you very much! Ohhhh! It makes me happy that you like what I did with the character, it is a pleasure for me to have your beautiful presence around here. Oh yes, in fact lately I have dared to put the logo for that reason, I think it gives a bit of propaganda (if other people see it) to the game.

Darling you are going to make me blush.

LOL! It is good to learn, I do it every day (They are mostly tools of Ps), The butt is a fluffy, charming part, full of mysteries and that often tends to get a few bad words out of my mouth when I draw it hehehehehe, I have many butts in my mind hehehehe. Certainly they don't walk, but it's great to see them a little different and not covered in so much scaly skin.