Best investment you made: Day 2 Blogging Challenge

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I never thought I wont be able to participate in the blogging challenge according but at times there is nothing you can do when things go out of hand, I was really occupied and the challenges skip my mind. Currently in the nysc camp and things are really tight and I remember just now that I have a challenge I left undone and I have continue participating in it.

I hope it is allow to port to the part 2 of the challenge by @macchiata instead of the part one because I really love the part 2 questions and I will be talking about some of the best investment I did. There are lot of experience gained in this investment/finance world I found myself, I started investing back then in 2017 when I first heard about cryptocurrency especially how to earn while blogging for free on steemit back then even though I had no knowledge or anyone to really put me through, I still went for it because there is this common saying that “Time is Money and it is precious”. I was a student then in 200 level and I wasn’t financially stable because I had to do everything myself even up to my school fees and house rent and the only thing I had was my time. That was one of my best investment I made, and looking at my present condition now, I know it really worth it because that investment have really yield a lot for me and those around me.

It really took me a lot of time to gather knowledge from the crypto space because I had to read people blog post about what bitcoin and altcoin really means, some terminologies, how to buy and sell, just name them and knowledge doesn’t end, I still have more to go, it was during those days of reading that I came across a blog post that talk about finance and investment, that blog really change my mind about investment even if it little I can invest at a time, It will turn big one day, after reading that post, I started looking for where to invest most of my blogging reward back then so I wont be able to spend them on things that cant stand the test of time, that was what lead to my second investment which was splinterlands.


One thing actually lead to another but I was able to join the game and that was where the hardship started. On a serious note, only those that know the value of investment in a long term can know the true value of this game, have seen people registered and abandon their account because that cant further in upgrading their cards. The joy of the game is when you level up your card to be able to defeat people and be able to move to higher leagues. Let me say that is where most of my blogging reward went to and today I have really enjoying the game because I can earn in various ways through the game. That is my best investment so far. You can also join us on splinterlands with this link

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My best investment I've made so far was investing my time and energy to blog in #leofinance six months ago, now the earnings had jumped over 50x from the value then. My entire blogging and curation journey on Hive blockchain is an interesting one I cannot forget ion a hurry.

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Splinterlands is a great investment for me too, it's fun and real but the community is the best.