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What would our world look like if everything around you was automated? A better question is what if all the labor was replaced? Would people become depressed for not working min wage jobs? Or would we have protests against machines who have taken all our jobs?

These questions are something that most of the mainstream will be asking in the coming years. Some in Corporate America are also mulling the decision to automate. Yet, politically it may go against their company culture. Employee partners are important to them; at least that is what they say.

However there is an opposing view point to this. If you can cut labor costs and insurance by 70 percent why not? Your stock price would soar. It would represent a huge windfall and increase efficiency. Frankly, from a business standpoint it is good business practice.

Yet, because of political and opposing forces the issue to automate may take some time to implement. I can truly see a time where there may be some backlash. But if people in the tech community act before hand we can create a society of abundance.

I am not a utopian. That is I don’t believe that a perfect utopia can be created. Humans are generally flawed. And that is ok. It is what makes us all unique. Since machines are created by us they themselves may have some flaws. Again, a work in progress.

Yet, abundance for all of humanity can be created. I have talked ad infinitum about this. Many virtual communities and blockchain currencies can flourish all of humanity. It can also remove this concept of low income jobs that will become obsolete.

Instead, we can create a new category for productivity. Right now we currently have the gig market place. Tomorrow we will have knowledge based blockchain jobs. These “jobs” will be a set of tasks associated with blockchain productivity.

Right now blogging on Leo would be considered a knowledge job. Playing Splinterlands could also be considered a knowledge job. Or writing code for a particular crypto project could be considered in this category. You get the idea.

The legacy economy currently does not acknowledge this type of productivity. Yet, in the coming years this will change. It is also crucial that the masses see a better way. We could literally go from having high unemployment in the legacy economy to full employment in the new blockchain ecosystems.

Earning crypto for tasks is nothing new. Yet, in the coming years this sector will begin to take off. Whether gaming or blogging pay for tasks will become the norm on blockchain. Now the keys to success will be the purchasing power of various cryptocurrency.

I always said that when people can earn a living with crypto Bitcoin would have hit mainstream popularity. I still stand by this assessment.

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Yet, politically it may go against their company culture. Employee partners are important to them; at least that is what they say.

This is old news. Pre-COVID, I would agree with it; now I think the pandemic gave these corporations cover since humans are open to viruses. Plus, we are seeing small businesses destroyed, meaning larger corporations pick up more market share, the very ones that are looking to automate things even further.

I like how you laid out the progress. We went from strong, full-time employment to the more unstable gig economy. The next phase will be blockchain "jobs" where rewards are doled out for all kinds of everyday activities.

Technological progress always created abundance in the areas it touched. After all, we have abundant food as compared to a century ago. We have music, video, communication, and information in abundance. Pre-internet, this was rather scarce and costly.

We are seeing it now taking place in money. The internet of money is now a reality. Each day, tokens are expanded and some are increasing in value. This trend will keep going.

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I wouldn't like to have anything automated in here tbh. Yes, robots might take some of our poorly paid jobs, and even dirty ones, but we humans are made to do something, to be active outside to move our hands and legs. I see this on myself. The more I spend more time inside the more everything seems like hurting. My ankles from staying on a chair and typing for too much and so on. Work force will for sure change a lot in the years to come whether we like it or not.

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People will do things. However, compensation for tasks will be fun as opposed to laborious tasks that are repetitive and boring. I still believe humans will do work but labor will become devalued.

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