Hive Engine Shopping Time

in LeoFinance4 months ago

It’s that time again people. Time to shop til I drop. Looking to go on the bid again on my favorite tokens today. And how is this for timing. Right when I was about to make a crypto purchase my internet went down.

Quite literally when I was about the push the button wham! Alexa went dark and my whole network went south for the day. Who knows maybe it was Alexa or some nefarious chat bot. Well the good news is I’m back. And my pocket is on fire. Let’s see what we can get.

I’m going to start with Brocoin. I have a short stack but I’m looking to add to my position. At 5 Hive I’ve been slowly adding. The daily dividends have been ok even though my stack is low. However, I may add quite a bit more throughout the month of Nov.

Next I will add a little to DEC. This whole virtual land grab has peaked my interest since day one. Now we will see if Splinterlands and the ecosystem will benefit from the land auction. I’m still a buyer of DEC.

Neoxian has been steady as she goes. I’ve been slowly accumulating in a quiet fashion. Although Neoxian seems kinda quiet I still post here. The rewards are ok but I’m going to continue to stack. Maybe a big payday for the future.

Lastly I’m continuing to add to my Dcity. The SIM rewards have been great. I’ve been buying as many cards as possible to increase my daily SIM income. It’s a fun hobby for me to watch my city increase daily.

So now I’m off to shop. Hopefully my Alexa behaves herself because I’m about to put my buy order in. Happy investing everyone. :)

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