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It is 2020 which some are calling the year from hell. Frankly, it has been a great year for me thankfully. 2016 was probably the worst year of my life but we’ll save that for another post. Defi and blockchain are gaining steam with no reason for slowdown. And a new financial system is being birthed right before our eyes.

Which begs the question? What type of system do we want to create? We are all aware that the current system is rigged and controlled by a few. It is also common knowledge that these gate keepers will never listen until it is too late. They are considered reactionary by nature.

And that is ok now. Before Bitcoin maybe it would have been an issue. But now the tables have turned a rigged game upside down. Now anyone can become their own bank free to exchange value outside the legacy system. Yet, the question still remains? Do we want a system that mirrors the existing system? Or something entirely different?

The current legacy system is riddled with debt. Actually in order for money to be created debt must also be created. This in turn creates a financial slave class indebted to the money masters. Which I guess is ok for some. But not for yours truly.

I’m always amused by certain people that bring the legacy system thinking into the blockchain world. And some create projects that mirror the existing legacy system. Yet, I truly believe there are no right or wrong answers. But why not create something different? Maybe something the world has never seen.

We now have a chance to create something different and fun in finance. Money for too long has been boring and stressful. My advice is to throw the whole model out and start over. And create abundance for all people. It shouldn’t matter if your connected or not. Access and abundance should be the mantra for the entire crypto sphere.

Some outsiders scoff at the notion of daily dividends. But I get them everyday in the Hive ecosystem. Others scoff at the notion of high APR crypto returns. But I also receive some large APR’s in Defi.

I’ve heard the phrase “You can’t make money playing games”. But I earn money playing Dcity and Splinterlands.
And although the gains aren’t sizable make no mistake about it. When the masses join in these gains will be monumental. Thinking differently from the herd has it’s perks.

So let’s do something different. If your thinking of designing something remember there are no right or wrong answers. Prepare to leave the old system behind as it implodes into the netherworld.

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If you asked people 100 years ago, what they wanted, they would have said "faster horses".

The masses tend to not know what they want since few take a look into the future. Ask 1000 people on Hive what life will be like in 2030 and I bet most never gave it a thought. If they did, they take what is happening now and extrapolate a step or two.

In reality, what will come out of blockchain and cryptocurrency is not even envisioned yet. The developers and innovators are going to try things that will radically alter what we are dealing with now. This is how things work.

Let us not forget, the first personal computers were basically used as word processors. How many in the early 1990s thought of all the different applications that we use the computer for today, especially the smartphone?

If I learned anything about technology and people, it is that we tend to think too small.

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I agree. Hopefully we are on the ground floor of good things to come. So far I like what I see being developed in this ecosystem.

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