Uniswap Hive Engine Shopping Spree

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Well it looks like everything is getting back to normal around here. All my balances on Leo and Hive engine are back to normal. And it’s payday so we all know what that means. Token shopping weekend!

I’m going to start first with Hive engine tokens. My usuals will be purchased and staked. There is no point in really selling right now since fiat isn’t going to provide any type of return. I’m going to buy more Neoxian as I have been accumulating over the last month. And I’ll continue to stake my earnings over there.

DEC is still on my radar and will continue to accumulate regardless of current price. Splinter lands is a diamond in the rough and I believe we’ve barely tapped the true value of the game. The bigger picture is that gaming will be the new “Defi” in the coming years. My contention has always been virtual economies will be the new income streams for the people.

I‘ll continue to add to Dcity as well. It’s a fun game and the SIM rewards have been very good to me. Not to mention the extra daily Hive that I earn. Still accumulating as we speak.

Lastly is the UNISWAP token or my call option position. We have been range bound all week but I’m still accumulating regardless of price. The token might puke again like it did before. If it does my position will double. Again, this is a gamble of my own choosing. I also choose to spread out my buys over the course of days. Not buying all at once helps with my dollar cost averaging.

Well wish me luck. This fiat is burning a hole in my pocket. Got to exchange it for crypto ASAP. Good luck everyone!

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Happy Shopping. Thanks for sharing.

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