Sudden pump in the price of DEC

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I was looking forward to purchase some DEC for a very long time. I was waiting for the price to go down a bit so that I can purchase some DEC. Today I was very much surprised to see that the price was continuously pumping. I also felt a little bad that I did not have enough liquid DEC holding in hand to sell. All I had was only a little DEC but I did use this opportunity and placed them in the market for sale.


I'm not going to regret my decision of selling for now because who knows the price can go up or down. It cannot be predicted. I'm not sure what made the price pump today but I still see huge buy orders as well as sell orders.

I wanted to make use of this opportunity and I did place a small sell order. Though not much I placed a sell order for 20000 DEC that I had. I placed the sell order and the order is not filled yet. I'm not going to rush. Let me wait and see till tomorrow to see if it gets filled or not. If the price drops down from there, then I would just call myself unlucky and wait for the next opportunity.


When I was checking the market the price was at 0.00550 and as I write this article the price keeps dropping. I'm sure for people who sold their tokens for that high price, it is a good opportunity. I have kept my sell order standing there for 0.00535. I don't think it would get filled anytime soon. But anything can happen in the crypto world. We cannot predict the market.

What would be your strategy for the current price of DEC. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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I noticed that too and now wishing I had bought earlier

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Yes, same here. The sad thing is that I was watching the price and even missed selling the DEC holdings that I had. I wasn't quick enough. 🙂

With lands coming soon in the Splinterlands it is expected for DEC to continue rising in price as players would gather DEC in order to buy bigger lots at discount. What I've observe is the interest of the game to take measures to improve the game economy and strengthen the token, so even if I feel the hard work required now to advance in the game I've ended up understanding and seeing the positive effects.

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Yes, somehow the game requires lots of continuous investment from the users. I'm surprised to see that people also keep investing their time and money though some people feel that their returns are not very great. 🙂

Thanks @bala41288, I love your profile. You are sharing information that I like. I wanted to buy some DEC this week but I never had time to access to HIVE ENGINE

Oh, thanks for the compliment. I'm happy and glad to hear that. I was also waiting to grab some DEC cheap but missed the opportunity. 🙂

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