Coping With Collection Power Situation

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Just incase you've not been keeping up with trends in the Hive gaming World, Splinterlands introduced this collection power that is evaluated by getting the burn rate of all your cards and then comparing it to a ranking system that will give you a ceiling or category of sorts that you can play in.

So this basically means that you will have a ceiling of sorts, based on the burn rate value of your cards, rather than the market value of the card in question. The idea is to mitigate the activities of bots that are milking the system, and while I'm down with reducing the number of bots, I don't get how this will stop the bot owners.

Since the collection power thingy is straight forward: get more cards, whats stopping bot owners from just buying a lot of Gold foils and then cluster the higher leagues?

For players like me who largely punch above our weight with limited resources, this collection power will be a real kick in the nuts. Take my case for example, where in the past two seasons I've made it into Champion 1. This season, I'm like 100 points away from that same rank and I reckon I'll still get into the top rank; I sadly won't be able to get into this rank for the foreseeable future since my collection power of 289k DEC puts me in the Diamond 1 range.

This will obviously be a major hit to my earnings from the game but I guess that can't be helped. Going forward, gold foils will be super important, and so I'll be selling off some legendary monsters to buy gold foiled epic and rare cards, since they have higher burn rate.

The other approach I'm considering is going into the lease market, since cards delegated to the player also counts in calculating the collection power. Other than this, my other options are to invest some hive on untamed and Azmare dices, or just start a gofund me account or sell my nudes in onlyfans? I hope I make the right decision.

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The right decision would 100% be to make an onlyfans account!

My thoughts exactly 🤔



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