The collection power situation is worse than I thought

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I knew this collection power thing was going to be a real kick in the nuts, but I honestly never expected it to be this bad for me. The damage is so damn bad, I don't even know where to start.


First and foremost, I won't be able to play in champions league...for a long time and I mean a really long time. I hadn't seen the collection power rating thingy but i figured that since I already slug my way into Champion 1, my deck should at least be worth a Champion 3 or worst of all, Diamond 1 status, but instead I'm in Diamond 2 and still have a lot of cards stacking to do to catch up, 51k DEC worth, one legendary gold foil will do..


That's a huge gap to fill I must say, and it will take quite the number of cards, particularly gold foils, to get to the next level. I've done some checks, and cards delegated to your account also count for your collection power, so I'm going to testing the lease market this season, to see if it is economically viable.

The other approach, which is the more expensive route will be to buy as many packs as I can. I'll be buying them packs and hopefully get some gold foils but one eye is also going to be on the impending airdrops in both Azmare collection and untamed collection. I reckon we'll be getting some badass summoners and I'd like to be in good stead to benefit.

Well, at the end of the day, this new development is supposed to be good for the progress of the game and so I'm down with the plan. I still fight many battles and enjoy myself, but alas I'm still some way far from the top players and won't be fighting up there soon.

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I have upvoted this post because it is an important issue. Personally, I cannot understand why pretty much every Splinterlands player feels like they are entitled to Champions league. That should be reserved for the best of the best of the best. It is probably because seemingly every player was allowed to get a taste of Champions league in the past months and are now pushed down again. It always sucks if things are taken away from someone. The good news comes in a month with the phase 3 of the collection power, introducing unique league rankings for each of the leagues, including special rewards for the top players within them. I believe this will make a huge difference for everyone.