There are only 3 Gold Foiled Dragon Spirit in the market

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Guess who has one of the rarest cards in the game? You guessed right, this guy. I have the golden opportunity to list a monster and directly influence the deck value of everyone who has a Gold Foiled Dragon Spirit.

Looking at the situation, I bet there are very few of these babies in existence anyways. I'm thinking of listing it at $100 just for the hell of it. It will be nice to see my deck looking expensive like @joshman's

Seriously though, what's the highest you've ever paid for an epic gold foil? In these climes, I reckon it will cost a bit more than usual.

DEC cost averaging?

I've also been wondering how the pricing market works. Are cards valued in the number of individual tokens of DEC they cost or is the dollar value more important?

I ask because, during this bullish trend that DEC has been on, there's been substantial movement in my deck value, according to Peakmonster. Does anybody know how that works?

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Well, depending on how useful you think it is, it might be wise to hold, ive been holding my Dark Ha'on, price went from 40$-89$...and I think thats only the start, because the card is like the most lethal in untamed version.

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It is pretty bad ass. My gf vigilator moved up from $41 to $53 as well.

try to sell ... my opinion

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Yeah. The issue with selling now is that I'll get small number of DEC since the price of DEC is going up

wow nice