Splinterlands Season End Re-Cap

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So another season has come and gone. Unfortunately, I didn't meet my goal for this season which was to break into the season end deck reward. But it certainly was not for trying.

Deck Improvements

I invested a little more into my deck, but not much. Last season I had leveled up my sommoners to level 2. This season I focused on improving my Fire and Water decks. I have rased most of my common cards to level 3 by purchasing them off the market. I also upgraded some rare cards to level 2 and will work to complete those upgrades this season.

Game Play

My improved deck really helped me in battles this season. I went on long win streaks almost to the point it was getting boring. But each win I would gain 3 points, maybe 4. Then I would finally lose and down 40. Ugh.

But the Fire and Water duel decks were pretty devastating. My water game is heavy magic lead by Alric Stormbringer.


My low mana games with Alric were especially effective as I could put 3 or 4 cards in front of two magic cards and deal 5+ damage each round round while his one tank tries to wade through the riff raff.


(Watch here)

My fire team is lead by Malric Inerno and is all about melee damage with lots of sneak and opportunity.



(Watch here)

Season Rewards

So I'm still a low level player, stuck in Bronze. So my season ending reward was 9 chests. I got a few cards and a wee bit of dec but it was a pretty "meh" season ending. Better luck next season I say.


Strategy For This Season

I'm going to set the same goal as last season. Get into the Deck rewards. I'm not planning on investing in my deck any more this season other than the cards I get on quests. My DEC will likely be split between #Hive, #Leo, and #dcity.

Good luck to all this season! Drop a comment and let me know how your season went and your goals for next season!

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