Start of Season Splinterlands Update

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This is my third season of playing Splinterlands I find it to be a very fun, sometimes frustrating, way to earn cryptocurrancy. With this post I will share my progress and thoughts on strategy.

Early Strategy

Early on, I was planning on just taking all DEC earned and converting it to HIVE for other purposes. This worked, but is certainly slow. With a weak deck I was lucky to earn 50 dec a day, which is about 0.25 HIVE per day. Not exactly a get rich quick scheme. I was also selling the occasional duplicate card I would get. I did manage to get one great card, a gold card worth $13 on the market which I was able to sell and get my initial $10 investment back from.

Current Strategy

Having managed to get one pack of cards which provided me a great gold card I decided to start working to try and get into the reward portion of the leagues. I still have a weak deck so I'm currently locked out of Silver. I feel with some targeted improvements to my deck I should be able to get myself into a point where I can win enough to earn at least one pack per season.

Deck Improvements

So having decided I needed to improve my deck, I have decided to invest some more money to improve my deck and my odds of winning. I started out by upgrading my summoners to level 2. This will allow me to use level 3 common cards, and level 2 rare and epic cards. I also picked up a couple of the summoners that were kicking my but that I didn't have.


Arlic can be an instant win depending on what the opponent picks for a summoner. I like to put some beef up in the first slot (typically the sea monster) and then load up the rest with magic.


Even little Ice Pixie with a mere 2 mana cost causes 2 magic damage with Alric's boost.


Malric is another tough summoner. I like to use him combined with as many sneak, snipe, and opportunity melee cards as I can. Adding a reach card also adds some power to the line up.

Next I started selectively upgrading some of my common monsters to level 3. Here I am focusing on those cards that I use all the time and that are cheap.


To go with my Malric summoner I have upgraded the Kobald Miner. For just 2 mana cost he now has 3 life and 2 damage. Combined with Marlic he has 3 damage and sneak. He is great in low mana cap matches.

Last Season Summary

Last season I did my best to complete every quest and did a good job of it. I didn't keep stats of all my rewards but I think I did pretty decent getting a decent number of cards. I didn't get any crazy high DEC awards. Two seasons back I got 50,000 DEC for one quest reward! I had to rub my eyes and look closely to confirm that was a comma and not a decimal.

Season end saw me outside of the leader board position necessary to win any decks (something I hope to change this season). I thought my season end rewards were pretty good gaining 4 cards although no gold or legendary cards.


Hope you enjoyed my update. Please leave a comment letting me know how your season went and what strategies you are working on for this season.

Happy gaming!

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Those look like some Alpha cards. You could probably get some really good money from them if you sold them on the market. I have been playing Splinterlands since the beginning. It can definitely be hard if you are not investing rewards back into the game.

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Yeah, I didn't write that I've been buying alpha cards too. It is kind of interesting that they are more expensive, but you don't need as many cards to level up as beta cards so the expense isn't as bad as it seems. And they earn DEC bonuses on wins.

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I think I sold all of mine a while ago.

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I've been playing for about 40 seasons - must be why i swear so much.

I started off thinking it was an investment - but i'm a broke unbanked carpenter , so i don't know if i could cash out anyway LOL

i've just been stacking cards for 40 seasons - my deck is valued at like $800 on peakmonsters - i guess that's a decent return for the $20 i threw at it during SEED funding

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