Top 5 Most Active Hive Tokens and How to Earn Them

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The Hive platform makes it possible for anyone to start their own HIVE based cryptocurrency token for a mere $10 investment. Most of the tokens that have been created are little more than novelties, but there are a number of active communities where their respective tokens have real value.

In this post, I will list the most active tokens (based on $ volume in the Hive-Engine) including a discussion of the projects behind the tokens and how you can earn them.



Market Capacity: $1,259,255
Supply: 6,134,510,151
24 Hour Volume: $2,286

The LEO is the token behind the community. LeoFinance and the LEO have seen enormous growth of the last several months as the development team has churned out improvement after improvement including their own HIVE frontend, linear curation, and wrapped LEO (wLEO).

While there are a number of ways to earn LEO, blogging and curation are the main way users earn LEO. LeoFinance is the place to discuss cryptocurrency and finance topics.



Market Capacity: $427,935
Supply: 589,658,119,625
24 Hour Volume: $2,239

DEC, or Dark Crystals, are the tokens awarded for play in the card collecting and battle game Splinterlands. Splinterlands continues to grow as does the value of DEC. Game players earn DEC for every match that they win as well as for completing daily quests, winning tournaments, and season rewards. A healthy card trading market exists and players can earn DEC by trading cards.



Market Capacity: $28,572
Supply: 48,999,776.093
24 Hour Volume: $1,179

SIM is token earned playing the city building simulation game Players buy and sell cards building their cities population and SIM earnings. What surprises me for this token is the small market capacity compared to the daily volume.


Market Capacity: $78,988
Supply: 6,244,894.396
24 Hour Volume: $624.76

BLURT is a social token awarded to Blurt.World users. is a community built on the HIVE blockchain (or perhaps their own variant, I'm not sure). Blurt has a paid signup, which I wasn't willing to pay for a hive community, so I can't say much about Blurt. If anyone has tried them out please leave a comment below.


Market Capacity: $76,894
Supply: 2.187
24 Hour Volume: $211.09

SWAP.BTC is a Bitcoin pegged token. This token is intended to track the price of Bitcoin. I am not aware of a way to earn SWAP.BTC but it can be bought and sold on Leo.Dex and Hive Engine.

Do you have a favorite Token that isn't in the most active list? Drop a note in the comments about it and let us know how we can earn it.

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DISCLAIMER: This post is just my opinion, I am not a financial advisor. Do your own due diligence. All investments include risks. Do not invest money you can't afford to lose.

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Bro is one id look into. It's gaining tons of traction and is pegged by or I forget exactly what but when used it rewards with cross-chain tokens.

Yeah my list was just based on $ volume on the Hive Engine. I think there are a bunch of interesting tokens out there.

How do you earn Bro?

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Thank for your sharing!
Can you describe about PAL, NEOXAG, LIST, Archon and CTP?

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