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I got into crypto in 2015 and boy was I ignorant, the promise of big gains got me in and I made a nice chunk of change in the 2017 bull run, even with being hacked, I was still well up on my investment. Over the last 5 years, I've learned so much, during the 2017 bull run, I friend told me about this site called Steemit and How since I loved to blog and liked crypto it was the ideal place for me to get involved.

I created an account and what a hell of a ride it has been, investing time and money in STEEM has brought me so many learnings, I've met some cool peeps, and earned some crypto in the process.

When I got started there were forks like Weku, Golos, Whaleshares and Bear shares but I couldn't care about those I wanted the $4-$8 token and boy did I earn jack shit lol, compared to what I earn now lol


What's in my wallet

We've had forks, tribes, NFT's and while I don't do that much on the chain, I've set up quite a few earning streams through the HIVE ecosystem. I blog regularly, I play Splinterlands and I do some actifitting and that's about it.

I did some rough calculations and this is what my wallet looks like at the moment, in $ based on current prices.

WalletTotal ValueIncome Per month
STEEM Engine$22$0.20
HIVE Engine$1782.09$120
Splinterlands Cards$581.33$10
Splinterlands Tokens$80$2.50

The value of my wallet is based on current prices and as inflation so take this with a pinch of salt, it can go up, down or in circles and at this point who really cares?

Creating the drip

What I care about is the drip I get into my account, I am happy to allow time to unfold and as you can see each line item here brings me some sort of income each month. The income is also based on current USD value so as prices move up and down this fluctuates

What I look at is the monthly return on the principle so all things considered, I am making just over a %67 APY return altogether, that is nuts. Yes some are active rewards and some are passive rewards, but my engagement in this ecosystem is overall profitable.

I have not considered the HIVE/STEEM and tokens I've bought and I feel that's a calculation for another day.

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What do you good people of HIVE think?

So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, comment "I am a Jessie."

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Building up a nice return 👍

Thanks, lol it wasn't without a lot of effort but it looks like I'm building a solid churn hope to keep it going and keep rising

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Damn son, you're absolutely killing it - $6,500+ monthly return! Why are you still working? Haha!

I worked out I get about £180 from HIVE earnings alone atm (leasing, posting, interest on staked HIVE) so now's the time to look a bit more at the HIVE engine tokens and build positions there, I have a long way to go but hey, if it's fun and it earns, it's a bonus! 5 years time, we can do this for a living, hopefully!

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Lol that was my mistake I meant to say total wallet value, but I did this last night, since then I lost like $200 off that value with price changes but couldn't really care lol its always going up in general. $180 is not bad, remember we also can't account for staking rewards + realised gains against inflation so it could be much more.

I'm also on that 5 year plan, squeezing the sats on both ends, have my $200 - 300 from crypto and then adding filthy fiat on the other end and who knows where I could sit. I think if I can get to around 6-10 BTC in total portfolio value I can be set to yield farm that shit and just live off them gains brah

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Ahhhh I see, that's still pretty decent from all the STEEM forks alone and to think you can earn that much from just using a blockchain with all it has to offer, it's pretty powerful! Oh, I need to work out in dollars, so about $230 which is sounding better! You can probably add curation in there as well.

Boom! You're a sat savage, tapping it up from the front with your crypto earnings then smashing the back door in with the filthy fiat! Good target to aim for, how many BTC you aiming for in that total portfolio? Currently, my BTC hodlings make up over half of what I have but probably looking at having 2 BTC, hopefully by the end of 2021 and just build positions elsewhere.

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So you mean to tell me you’re making a %36 APY on your efforts and you like I can do better? Wtf is wrong with you? You’re greedy! I don’t think the Bank of England would approve of these I’ll gotten gains of yours

My BTC is about 40% of my holdings at three moment I should actually rebalance and move it up to 50\50 but the damn LEO and all my Uni swapping and TRON farming are pulling my alt gains higher not that I’m complaining but I just like to have it at half and half

Lol, yeah you're right, I should just lump everything in a 0.01% savings account, sit back and watch those pennies roll in in 12 months time! Powerdown started, let's do this!

BTC is about 60% of my hodlings but it fluctuates with the alts, it can be 50/50 but I think it's BTC season starting...

lol don’t forget those pennies should get capital gains tax and inflated away so your probably getting negative returns

I’m jusy waiting for the Winchester to start accepting crypto so I can turn Sats into pints

Blogging for beers 🍻

Lol yep! Even better! I'll start making donations forthwith to HMRC.

Fish and chips at the Winchester with beers earned from blogging? Hell yes!

The more income streams, the better. The small numbers start to add up pretty fast, when even looking at your numbers here. 🚀

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Oh for sure I am pretty stoked with this snapshot we all know it’s not telling the full story since prices are always moving and the chains are always changing their returns and inflation based in users chasing the pool of rewards but it looks good

I can only imagine if this is what you can do in a so called bear market 📉 what can you do in a bull market 📈

Nice additional income after all your hard work. I guess your profit is a nice extra cash for other investment without touching your own capital.


Thanks, its all about finding ways to set faucets that drip into your account. First try to make $1, then you can figure out how to make $10, then $100 and so on, hopefully, my efforts will continue to compound and my crypto income beats my fiat income one day, that would be amazing

I'm going to bet on Leo and try to grow my hive account over time to diversify profits, you have big numbers here!

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