After Last Season of Splinterlands - Diamond I

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Finally I completed last season of Splinterlands in Diamond I League...

I completed the season for 94th. After last season I had 60 reward cards. These are the cards. They could be better. I couldnt get any legendary and gold foil cards.

Here is my rewards after last season.

Total reward Cards Total Value: $ 2.736
Cards Burn Value: 800 DEC

  • I got also 395 DEC
  • 10 Legendary Potion
  • 8 Alchemy Potion
  • 1 Untamed Booster Pack

Ekran Resmi 20210415 23.01.49.png

Ekran Resmi 20210415 23.01.58.png

Ekran Resmi 20210415 23.02.05.png

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Sweet rewards bro 👌

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