After the Integration of FarmFarmer.Farm and Mythical.Farm to DCity and Splinterlands

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Yesterday I saw that DCITY cards and Splinterlands cards available for sale on FarmFarmer Farm and Mythical Farm. I was very exited to buy DCity cards on Mythical which I mine for a month. I invested $180 and waited for this time!

Ekran Resmi 20201217 21.32.31.png

For those who do not know, FarmFarmer Farm and Mythical Farm are simple games staking your NFTs to start earning. After staking NFTs you bought You earn $Farm (=$1) and $Mythical (=$0,16)

and Today I saw the annoucment of @aggroed FarmFarmer.Farm and Mythical.Farm integrate DCITY and Splinterlands cards for sale.

Ekran Resmi 20201217 21.32.51.png

I bought a few DCity cards and I invested Mythical with my SIM. I will change my passive income chart after this progress and Mythical will my be on the top of the chart. I will supoort it from other incomes.

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