Splinterlands End of season reward for reaching GOLD 3

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Good Evening

Another Splinterlands season has just ended and I did very well I managed to finish in gold 3 for the first time in A long time.

So here is what I got...




I got lucky and got A gold Foil card which was nice haven't pulled A gold foil in season rewards for A very long time, A nice amount of dec to follow that up from my first 10 loot chests.


More dec and potions in the following 10 Loot Chests.


Finished off with more dec and A potion.

In the end, I got A good DEC bonus it wasn't horrible could be better but nevertheless, I am chill with what rewards I got.

That wraps up today's post thanks for reading.


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That's a nice haul. I managed to get 3 new cards from my rewards today at bronze 2.

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