Splinterlands Weekly Challenge with Exploding Dwarf

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Hello Everyone,


Splinterlands battle post link: https://peakd.com/splinterlands/@splinterlands/share-your-battle-weekly-challenge-exploding-dwarf

How are you all doing? It's another week and another awesome monster on the Splinterlands SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge which is the Fire Splinter monster Exploding Dwarf.
The season which ended 3 days back wasn't that great one for me and I didn't even get a single pack as well unlike in some of the previous seasons, but I am determined to make it to Diamond II league in this season which is one level up from the Diamond III which I have been reaching since last few seasons and hopefully, I will do so :)


Exploding Dwarf is a common reward card monster from Fire splinter and is best suited for few of the rule sets like Equalizer, Melee Mayhem and Super Sneak.

I make use of this monster in the battle types explained above i.e. rule sets to make best use of it although it still lacks that Retaliate ability, but still a useful one for me in the leagues I play.


Let's see in detail about the statistics of Exploding Dwarf.

Although there is a drawback in terms of it's life which is just One throughout Ten levels of it, it's still a good one in terms of melee attack as it gives an attack between 3 to 6 in those 10 levels.

Speed also increases with each level starting at 2 and reaching a maximum of 6 by level 8.

Abilities for this monster included Blast from level One, Pierce from level Three, Retaliate from level Six and finally, Trample from level 9 and those are some of the best abilities for a melee monster, aren't they?

Barring the life, it has good stats for attack and speed and that when combined with it's awesome abilities, it constitutes to be a good tank for the Fire splinter for certain rule sets as we discussed above.




There was enough Mana of 38 for this battle and the rule set of Equalizer made me to go for the theme monster of Exploding Dwarf as a tank. It also had another rule set of Earthquake.

Monsters I used were as below including the tank of Exploding Dwarf:

Exploding Dwarf
Fineas Rage
Sand Worm
Spirit Miner
Flame Imp and
Spark Pixies

Exploding Dwarf:


The tank with awesome abilities like Pierce and Blast made me to use this and make use of it's extended life due to Equalizer battle so as to get best out of it and it didn't disappoint me since it played a major role in the win for me.

Fineas Rage:


This monster with awesome speed and good attack of 3 gives a good company to Exploding Dwarf and attacks almost as soon as Exploding Dwarf attacks making the front monster from opposite side lose it's life.

Sand Worm:


One of the best monster when there is enough mana for the *Equalizer rule set as it gives huge melee attack of 6 with decent speed of 2 and can double up as front monster as well being a melee monster.

Spirit Miner:


Used this monster for it's 2 magic attack as well as the ability of swiftness* to speed up the monsters I used.

It also has another ability Dodge which gives it a chance to avoid getting attacked by melee and ranged attack monsters.

Flame Imp:


This low mana monster can give 2 magic attack and is a flying monster and hence, gets a chance to avoid attack from melee and ranged attack monsters.

These low mana monsters adds more value to Equalizer battles since their value gets multiplied because of the additional life they get due to equal life because of Equalizer rule set.

Spark Pixies:


All I have is a level 1 monster of Spark Pixies but it's still powerful because of it's speed and being a flying monster, it avoids getting hit by melee and ranged attack monsters most of the time.

Although it has just 1 health, the Equalizer rule set made it look more secured with increase in lives.


Below is the link to the battle with those nice monsters including Exploding Dwarf at the front:


Here are some screenshots from the battle just to make it more interesting.









Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my past experience with Equalizer battles made me to use Exploding Dwarf and that worked well for me since it's one of the best for that rule set.

If at all Exploding Dwarf wasn't available for this battle, then I would have used Cerberus or any other monster like Living Lava to get a good tank at the front.

Do you use the Sea Monster often? Why or why not?

Yes, especially when there are any rule sets like Equalizer or Melee Mayhem or Super Sneak, I go for it.

I also use it when there is lesser mana cap and I am allowed to use any other speed increasing monsters, so that I can put this at front and take out one or two in first iteration because Exploding Dwarf has a better of chance of attacking first because of it's speed.

I thoroughly enjoyed battling it out in that battle and also in bringing this battle details to you thru this blog. I hope you too enjoyed reading it.

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Splinterlands is a card based Blockchain game and rewards it's users in the form of Crypto Currency viz. DEC for playing the games called as battles.

It's all fun while earning some Crypto.

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Classic use of the Dwarf in equalizer!

Although I don't think sneak is effective in this rule set - it dilutes your attack for too long with the higher health - I think your opponent did you a favour by playing taunt and then splitting his attacks with sneak too.

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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

So you got the Equalizer ruleset.
And it's nice to see the Earthquake ruleset after a long time.
You did well.
Keep on battling.