Adding some DEC in my Bags!

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The second HIVE token that is available for trading on uniswap after wleo is DarkEnergyCreystal (DEC) the Splinterlands in game currency.

Although i don't know much about it since i lost the chance to be an early adopter on Splinterlands and never paid attention on it, i can trust my master spammer Senpai @trumpman that recently bought a quite nice stack (over 150k). So without second thought i also bought a small chunk (about 11K) with the intension to make it 50K soon. You know is quite cheap right now (0.0058 HIVE) and it's not big deal for average Hiver to add some on his bag. Also DEC is a coin that has a real use on Splinterlands (in game currency)so it's almost impossible to be scammed, with that in mind and the fact that's already trading on uniswap i believe that's wort a try!

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and Saw him some lome for the great work he did!

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Funny, having bought most of mine at less than half the current price I'm reticent about even buying another 1000.

The crazy thing is if you've got a decent DEC it's quite easy to earn 1000 a day just by playing a couple of dozen of matches (depending how many you win!)

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I'm completely unfamiliar with splinterlands, the funny thing is that i have tried all the hive/steem games!
Less than the current price is just great, but unfortunately for me i haven't paid attention on DEC...

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Been on the bid myself. Hopefully we can get a nice push upwards for the weekend.

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I hope so too for that, will see what will happen.

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Nice post m8 , thanx for mentioning :) more are coming !

Good decision. Staking up DEC, that's cool. Thanks for sharing.

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I will buy more DEC next days