A Tale of 2 Days: Steem-Engine/Hive-Engine Arbitrage Is A Fickle Beast | Why It Sucks To earn 20.3125% Instant Profits

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Having the same asset trading on 2 exchanges with low liquidiy is a breeding ground for this lovely awesome thing called Arbitrage! I love it and I've used it a lot. But out of all "Arbitrage", Steem-Engine/Hive-Engine Arbitrage is a special thing.


  • It's a DEX - No need to trust the guys running it
  • It's a DEX - No need to give up my private info to some stranger
  • It's a DEX........ on Hive - I already have my account + Keychain
  • Multiple front ends like https://leodex.io
  • There are no Tx fees
  • There's ways to reduce fees (like https://leodex.io) and ways to skip fees (like https://splinterlands.com)

Above All - There's DEC

DEC is one of those coins that's sort of pegged but not really. When buying stuff on Splinterlands you can treat 1000 DEC as $1. So there's constant upward pressure. Even if price keep crashing...... if you play Splinterlands you've made a profit for buying 1000 DEC under $1

Start Playing The Game: https://splinterlands.com

I've made posts on his type of trades before. Some of you guys are probably already trying these tricks. Let's see how things were yesterday:



I didn't have tons of Steem left. I had powered down too early. But that's fine. I joined Land Presale, bought LEO etc. The important detail here is I'm putting buy orders! If you are wondering..... yes they got filled :)



Take a look at those beautiful numbers! You guys didn't even had to spend your DEC on Splinterlands for a profit. You can just trade these stuff on the other exchange :)


That Means 36.36% Instant Profits!

Just think about that........
Let those numbers sink in for a moment!
Imagine you had $100 and after few 2 minutes of clicking & few minutes/hours of waiting you've got $136 and 36 cents at hand. That's why I LOVE Arbitrage!

Day 2

These are numbers for today. Life isn't the same level of awesome. Arbitrage is fickle. It change and opportunities don't wait for you forever.





It Sucks To earn 20.3125% Instant Profits


OK. Maybe I'm a really bad kind of a spoiled kid. ETFs would beglad to make 10% in a year. I'm complaining about having to earn 20.3125%

  • But did you saw what it was like yesterday!!!!

Today we're all stuck making 16% less profit. 1 Day ago I, me, you would have made 79% more "profits" in the exact same trade!!!

That's how much more profits you could have made if you were just 1 day earlier. Time truly flies in crypto! Let that sink into your cranium :)


All The Are Original Research

Nobody tipped me off. Nobody gave time the numbers or calculations. I took the screenshots myself. Only things I copy pasted were website links. This isn't investment advice. It's facts. It's history. It's what you see when you got the respective DEX. If you don't take action........ that's your lazy self.

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One of the best articles I have seen on the subject. I had bought some DEC on STEEM-Engine before the price crash. I missed the best gains this time.


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Thanks for information

Very interesting.
I never look at steem-engine anymore.

I guess I will have to look at this more often.

Thank you for the excellent article

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