Beyond LEO in Finance: Notes On My Crypto Life

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@khaleelkazi made 2 more posts on creating more diverse content on I tried it last time with financial education with loans, credit, mortgages, A/R Factoring & more. I put them in a post EduFi: Let's Learn About Financing Your Business With Debt I was thinking of making more posts. I couldn't do much after that. Post wasn't that well received either. I only had 1.01 LEO in rewards and 0 comments.

I'm Big on Crypto Gaming

I've looked into many games. But nothing caught my eye as well as crypto games on Hive. Some games like @nextcolony was shut down. I played it till the last day. Currently I'm playing 3 games.

I can say that I'm having a great time with all of them. You can play them with your brain half turned off. Something I do is playing games while listing to audio or calls.

1st Legendary Card With Mystery Potions

1st Legendaryz.png

Take a look at my blog history. I've been a huge fan of Mystery Potion. It's been a decent investment for me. I think I'm at least breaking even at this point. I'm part of a Guild & I get the max discount. so I save a lot when buying potions.

Results of Untamed Booster Pack

Untamed Open.png

I can't do much with level 1 Legendary Summoner. So This guy will have to be rented or sold. It comes from an Untamed Booster Pack I got from a Mystery Potion. As you can see, if you can handle a bit of RNG you can at least break even if you keep playing the game.

You won'feel too great if you get greedy. My entire season rewards for the last time was this:
Season Rewards.png

The rest were potions and small DEC rewards. Sometimes RNG favors you and sometimes it's meh. At the end of the day you've got some NFT that's gonna worth a lot in future.

Proud New Member of Immortal Army

Immortal Army.png

As soon as guilds started I became a part of The Guild of Neoxian. Few days ago I was randomly kicked out despite paying the Guild fees and not doing anything bad. On the same day I saw this posted:

If you are still posting on Steem or pro-steem, you are not welcome in this guild.

I figured I got kicked out because I was cross posting on Steem for extra crypto earnings. Life happens and I decided to apply for the Guild ranked right after The Guild of Neoxian. I got accepted be a welcoming community lead by @rtron86 You'll be seeing a lot of me playing :)

I've Got Almost $1500 Worth Splintelrnads Cards


Power Up LEO


I know there's talk about needing less LEO content and 44.579 LEO isn't even that much. But I used to earn lot less in a week. Thanks to @onealfa.leo I got nearly 45 LEO worth vote on a comment. If anyone tells you commenting is a waste of time, let me tell you that a noob making a good comment can earn more than a semi-successful Hive post.

Do what you love and keep doing it as long as it doesn't hurt anyone in any way. Blockchain isn't a bad place. You might stay unnoticed. But it's hard to keep you down forever. There will have to be a time where spotlight shine on you.

Not Many Have Special Instruments - They Are Not selling



You've only got until January 5th to earn one of these cards. You have to have S6 Wizzy card. I've been playing a few missions. No luck so far. Play the game at You might have the luck to be a part of history.

dCity is Going Well


Taxes have been super low and I'm happy to pay (specially the Police Tax) I've been robed for 400 SIM. But I've put the criminal I got from it at sale for 550 SIM. @d-pend has been a great president for my income :)

Few Quick Notes On My Crypto Journey

I actually wrote this in a comment for @whatageek You've probably seen my reblogged contest post from him. I feel like what I commented there is relevant to share in this post as well. So here we go :)

I was hearing about Bitcoin 1st. Then I watched some stuff about it on YouTube. I even heard about altcoins. After some time I thought...... "Hey, I should try investing" & I looked for stocks. Read about all the trading stuff and brokerage accounts. Fees were expensive and I had to have a large portfolio or else fees will easily eat into profits.

I actually got to hear about Ethereum even before their ICO. Read and thought it was cool. But I was little afraid cause I wasn't too tech savvy either. Then I heard about the "hack" and price crash. I was happy I didn't get in. But I was still super optimistic for the future.

Sometime later I finally started doing KYC on some exchanges & put my savings onto crypto. It all seemed so amazing. Fees were like 100X cheaper. You only pay a % from the trade. Markets open 24/7. Less red tape and information is a lot open and communities are great. I ended up putting all my savings into crypto.

Over time I've tried much of the stuff including margin trading, day trading, HODL, getting airdrop etc. etc. I found Steemit and made account:

Community grew on me. My social media activity was basically dead. Steemit reived that and I spend more time on Steemit than Reddit etc. I saw tons of projects like Splinterlands (@steemmonsters) pop up. Then came other games and even Tribes like I slowly got sucked into the ecosystem and my day trading stuff dried up. I got more attracted by growing the stake & staking it. It's passive income and it's fun to engage.

I've learned a lot and I've got lot to learn.
I'm kind of in a middle between noon & expert. I try to share what I know in my posts and help people. If you check my blog you'll see me giving tons of tips from my 1st hand experiences on trading opportunities or just playing games and learning economics.

Hope You Learned Something

I figured I'm #425 in LEO Power rich list. When LEO grow into 100K users & more. I'll have more responsibility. All the experience I've had from markets will come in handy for those day. You guys have a great day :)

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Haha just curious - where is the LEO Power rich list to be found? (:

Thanks for sharing all these! (:

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You can find it right here:
Just change the token name and you'll find the Rich List for any Hive-Engine Token.

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Thanks @d-zero! (:

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