Funneling My Blogging Success & Passive Income Into CubFinance - My Den Grew 68% In 11 Days

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Everything funnels right back into to CUB. That's the way I've been living past few months. I've kept my Tribe Tokens. I've kept my game earnings. I stake or re-invest them back. So I'm kind of diversified. But when it comes to Hive & HBD which comes from posts, delegations and even Splinterlands renting goes right into buying LEO. - A Hidden Opportunity

The Gorlodon is the last airdropped card. I got 1 Gold Foil Card. I leveled up my Regular Foil and delegated this guy. I was the 1st to put The Gorlodon Gold Foil on rental market. I'm not greedy with ROI. I'm happy to get anything.

It's just NFTs sitting in my account. Having these guys make passive income is a cool way to find more crypto for your investing ventures :)

Yeah, it doesn't look like much. But that's like 0.7 LEO EVERYDAY! Even drop by drop you can fill up a jar. That's been the plan for me.

Thank You Dear Curators!

This was the best received thing ever on LeoFinance for me. Thank you guys/girls! I'm funneling all this into CUB and add my own into it.

Buying At Market Rates For A Change

CUB Got To $0.524 - Time To Buy Dip

These days I don't even stare at the charts. I've embraced the long terms ways of HODL and diamond paws. I've been buying at launch with CUB at $4 range. I've been buying the crash like trying to catch falling knife.

I have no regrets when prices have fallen 8X from old highs. I've seen 98% dips and HODL them. I'm a hardcore veteran. I could take a 90% dip - shrug it off and buy more!

Transferred 101.516 LEO

Tx fees suck! I hope to see a day we can have this damn DeFi on Hive! Imagine the demand we'd get for Hive if it allowed people to save Tx fees FOREVER!

GAS Fees These Days

CUB Den Still Doing 73.28%

I had 79.139 CUB stake in this. Now it's 132.987. Did some calculations. It's a 68% increase. So far investing has been all towards CUB Den. I hope to see the growth continue and have that sweet APR high. There's so many sellers right now. Blood is on the streets.

Last Time I Asked A Question

This post is my answer to the old questions. This is where I've been putting my money. It's not investment advise. But I'm telling you...... I don't see how buying CUB at 2X ATH is going to hurt you in the long run.

Hype and selling pressure may say different things. But fundamentals stay same. Today we'll be seeing 2 more new Kingdoms. At this point it won't make sense to stake on PancakeSwap for these crypto.

LEO Has Built - They'll Come Flocking Soon :)

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Thanks for sweet, Inspirational post. It feels like reading my own creation.
Take my 100%

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It feels like reading my own creation.

Wow! That's an honor!
I swear all of these rewards are going into buying CUB (unless I had to stake them preparing for #ProjectBlank airdrop)

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whats project blank?? can you pls share details.

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It's a Twitter competitor from devs.



@onealfa.leo! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @d-zero.

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Oh yeah! Project Blank is still coming....

Patience in 2021 is both necessary for survival, and the hardest thing to practice.

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People will call you (and me crazy), until CUB has hit $10 and your Kingdom is compounding more CUB and mining you BNB. I have been buying CUB hard all the way down. I hope it stays down, or goes a bit lower yet... because it is going to start to climb soon... and I want as much as I can get.

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It's so awesome to see another "Crazy" buyer. $10 is lowballing. $100 is more of a real price target. We're going to get some serious token burns when LeoBridge gets popular 🎉🚀



@allcapsonezero! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @d-zero.

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I'd love to see an analysis post backing up your $100 guess.

I personally think $50, but don't have any info to back it, just what I think based on my wishful thoughts.

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I'm with you on $100... they will just stop calling us "crazy" once it hits $10. Kingdom migration is our last chance to get cheap CUB... once it is done, people will see the APY on the CUB kingdom (plus the BNB rewards) and that will be the bottom, it will be all up from there. First to $10 so we are no longer crazy... then to $100 where we can go crazy.

Nice job, that is a good increase. I am bullish on cub as I see it being the only legit defi on bsc.

Although I've been in the CUB farm for quite some time, I had to make a choice recently to (temporarily get out) and I did it at the right timing before price went down fast. I will get back in once my credit card debt is paid off and then most likely use the kingdoms feature .. but need to read more about it first, I haven't done so yet as right now I can't dedicate to that yet.

Thank you for sharing your results, they are very nice!

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Have you any cake staked at all??

I have a bit of cake staked and all the Cubs goes back into the Den for me :D