Steem-Engine is Back! You Can Recover Your DEC & Other Tokens | Quick Tutorial

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It sucked to see all the problems arising with our 2nd layer solutions. Even now I can't get my DEC stored in Steem-Engine to show up when I log into

It's (Not) Gone!

Not Updated.png

I looked around and figured out Steem-Engine is back & live & kicking on (They went from .com to less prestigious .net) It probably saved them money :)

I Could see all the tokens when I look at the wallet. Everything is the same when I logged in using the new website. I used Keychain extension just to be safe. It's safer and it's even easier to use.


After seeing a positive Balance I went ahead and entered 1000 DEC on and signed the Tx using Steem Keychain.

It Worked!

It Works!.png

I've been powering down my Steem slowly and gradually and I've been going through the last bits of Steem lately. These are my new deposits using the new website. It all worked and I'm buying more DEC with it for the Land Presale!


Transferring My Steem-Engine DEC

Don't other with what shows up on the interface. Keychain gets the Tx ready anyways. Website is just a front end. The processing happens behind the scenes and everything gets perfectly taken care of.


I'll Be Buying Land

At least I'll try to aim for 1 more Plot after few more trades. [You really need to check out this official details on Totems & Raffle Tickets if you are investing into Splinterlands. Discount is only 30% this time and there's only medium demand for the Plots this time.

It's Only 7000!

7000 Plots.png

There's no rush. You can Buy DEC with your crypto and have an extra 12% discount at the moment of writing. 1000 DEC is only $0.88 which is will get the discount close to 38.4% minus whatever Tx fees you had to go through:

88 Cents.png

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Thanks for information... I think I have some DEC there

Happy to help :)

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Website link changed. I haven't been on steemit a lot lately, their token is worth more than Hive but the community on Hive supports average users like me. Steemit front page is filled with bot posts making $100s but appears worthless. I hope in the future Hive will surpass Steem. Apologies to going off a tangent.

Steemit had a large brand name and They rank well in search engines and have better Alexa rank than Hive front ends. There's the Tron shills to pump the price. I think they'll manage their price and might even have 1 good pump before they get more obsolete.

Apologies to going off a tangent.

That's cool. It's still relevant to the topic.

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I got excited for a minute. Indeed the link is working... but you must use Keychain.. which isn't compatible with Android... I got to look at my S-E tokens though

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Lot of Hive/Steem stuff are made with desktop computers/laptops in mind. At least you know your funds are safe :)

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That's true. Justin didn't steal my 19 STEEM

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