Splinterlands | How much DEC is created from cards burning?

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Burning cards for DEC is one of the options in the Splinterlands game. If you do not want to bother to sell the card and wait for a buyer, you can simply burn the card for DEC. It provides a liquidity for players and reduces the cards in circulation. It is a great future in the game.


I have done a report like this more than seven months ago and now it’s time to revisit. Dec from burning cards.

DEC per cards

First a reminder of the DEC per card.


This info is partially incorrect, because of the new rewards cards now have the same DEC as the untamed cards. A mix bag there.

This data is till January 7, 2021.

DEC Created from cards burning

Regular Foil

The table for the regular foil cards looks like this.


Note that the amount of DEC for the rewards cards is approximated and not totally accurate

An approximate 114 million DEC created from the regular foil cards.

Gold Foil

The table for the gold foil cards looks like this.


An approximate 650 million DEC created from the gold foil cards burn.

Cumulative an approximate 766 million DEC created from cards burnt.

In the last report on May 15, 2020 there was 374 million DEC created from burning cards. From then till January 7th an additional 392 million DEC was created from burning cards, or on average around 1.6 million DEC per day.

Now have in mind that this is an average number for the period, and there might be some months with less, for example 1M DEC per day and others with more, like 2M DEC per day. The general trend seems to be as time progresses less DEC is created from burning cards so the last months might be around less than the average, probably closer to 1M.


Now that we have the numbers above let’s plot some chart for better representation.

DEC Created from cards burning by Editions [Regular Foil]

Here is the chart.


The reward cards are dominating here with around 63 million DEC created from burning regular foil reward cards. Next are the Beta cards with 25 million DEC and the Alpha edition with 9 million DEC. The Untamed edition is last with 4M DEC created from burning cards.

Interesting to see that the Untamed edition has such a low rate. Although it is new and not sold out, but I think its 60% sold out now, or around 900k packs. The Alpha edition had 300k cards only, but also more DEC in them. The Beta edition had 900k cards. This considered it looks like the burn rate for the Untamed cards is low, meaning they are maintaining their price above the DEC value.

DEC Created from cards burning by Editions [Gold Foil]


In the gold foil editions, we can still see that the reward cards are dominating, with 150M DEC, then interesting the Promo cards, with around 270M DEC.
Interesting next are the Promo cards with around 182M DEC created from them. Some of the gold foils legendries promo cards have been burnt a lot like the Lord of Fire.

Next the Beta with 106M, Untamed with 72M and the Alpha edition with 21M.

The untamed burn rate is much higher for the gold foils, comparing to the regular foil.

DEC Created from cards burning by Rarity [Regular Foil]

Let’s take a look how is the structure for DEC created from burning by cards rarity.


It’s pretty even distribution here, except for the rare cards. Those are standing out with around 35M DEC. The other editions are around 25M DEC each.

DEC Created from cards burning by Rarity [Regular Foil]


In the gold foil department, the legendary cards are on the top with around 250M DEC, then the epic with 160M, the rare with around 140M and the common with 90M. Quite a gradual decrease here from legendary to common.

Regular VS Gold Foil


Well this chart tells a lot of the story. Most of the DEC, an overwhelming 85% comes from burning gold foil cards.

What can be concluded from this data is that a significant amount of DEC has been created due to cards burning. More than 700M DEC in total.

Most of the DEC has come from gold foils cards burning, especially from rewards and promo gold foils.

The Promo edition is out of print already so the rate of DEC created from there will be slower in the future. Also, with the change in the rewards system where less reward cards are printed, and DEC is being rewarded directly it is expected the printing and burning of the rewards cards to slow down as well. The new Untamed edition has less DEC in them, and they are not burnt as much.

This is true for the DICE edition as well, which I haven’t covered here, but those are more expensive 3k DEC and also the cards do not contain that much of a DEC. Although at very low rate there is some burning there, so probably a few millions DEC has been created from there as well.

A lot of DEC was created from burning cards in 2020, but it looks like the rate is dropping now since Promo is out of print and the reward cards are printed on a slower rate. The gold edition from these two series has been the main source of DEC from burning cards in the past.

Data source:
Disclaimer: Some of the data might be processed incorrectly

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@dalz, Splinterlands Project built multiple Tokenised Economy which makes this Gaming Platform unique with productive utility. Stay blessed.

This is why I'm a proud player/investor of the project. I even bought a bunch of Land from the little crypto I had left :)

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Good luck and have a profitable journey ahead. 🙂

Thank you!

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I can't believe if someone really burned the DICE cards too. I guess most of Alpha/Promo cards were burnt when DEC was launched. Few users just burned the card for fun only without understanding whether burning is more beneficial to them or selling it.

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These wired actions is why it's impossible to predict and regulate markets with computers and spreadsheets. People don't act the way we expect them to.

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DEC is one of the craziest cases of insane inflation combined with insane burning. Here's the current supply:


If the burning rate continued we'd be having 100% inflation rate + more inflation from rewards given out to players. The resource sinks are strong with Splinterlands.

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That's a lot of burning goin on. Crazy numbers on some of them there.

i have no idea bout this..

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Great analysis! I didn't not expect the cards to be burnt at this rate continuously. I though people would be too smart to HODL these early cards. Compared to a game like Hearthstone with over 100 million active users, @splinterlands is a game in its infancy.

At least I'm grateful to these short term thinkers. Thanks to them, my cards are even rarer.

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