Is Hive-Engine a Blockchain? - Answered

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@themarkymark asked a very good question in Is Hive-Engine a Blockchain?

Scanning the 110 comments, I see that no one has come up with the very simple, correct answer. I'm also particularly disappointed by @yabapmatt's continued obfuscation.

Hive-engine is an ordinary application running on the Hive blockchain.

I do understand their claim that hive-engine also keeps what the hive-engine team calls a "single node blockchain".  But true technical experts have called such things database logs for decades (albeit that hive-engine's is in an odd format that they claim will eventually facilitate its distribution into a being a true blockchain).

So . . . NO! Hive-engine is NOT a blockchain!  It is an ordinary app running on the Hive blockchain (which does provide all the data security advantages of a blockchain -- but solely because of Hive, not because of anything to do with hive-engine).

It should also be noted that, contrary to all claims, Splinterlands is neither a blockchain nor even a proper blockchain application as it does not store all of the necessary data to replicate its current state on the Hive blockchain.  Fortunately, PeakMonsters does back up the current state of everyone's collections on a regular basis -- but Splinterlands should be making absolutely no blockchain-related claims other than "we store some of our data on a blockchain . . . ".


Imo those claims about HE being a blockchain itself are ridiculous but I haven't all the technical knowledge needed to debate with Yabapmatt in that, I readed the post of Marky though and I tend to agree with him. HE may have the potential to become a blockchain someday but now its an embrionary proyect with no alternative nodes, no witnesses, no Pow, no PoS (or dependent of Hive in all these characteristics afaik).

About Splinterlands, I think that the blockchain tag could be attached to it. Store some data on the blockhain is what most blockchain games do usually anyways. I don't think that all of them have the neccessary data to be replicated on their blockchains, but idk, mostly I'm speculating here.

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Splinterlands cards are not stored on the blockchain when packs are opened or when rewards are given. You literally cannot determine the contents of your collection from the blockchain. There is absolutely no excuse why they couldn't quickly write them to the blockchain.

I am not aware of ANY other blockchain game -- particularly those that advertise valuable NFTs that don't keep 100% of collection information on the blockchain. If anyone else knows of any, please comment here.

ermine the contents of your collection