Let's provide DEC liquidity together!

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SplinterLands and LeoFinance are offering great rewards to the people providing liquidity on Uniswap. The problem some people may have is that Uniswap is on the Ethereum blockchain and that itself can be quite complicated.

Providing LEO liquidity was totally easy because of @spinvest-leo. I didn't have to bother about Ethereum or anything else. They created a SPEW pool and for a small admin fee they are now taking care of the rest. Really the only thing I had to do was to tranfer some LEO to them.

By grouping the assets together SPEW pool also saved a lot of Ethereum's gas fees and in the end our yields should be even nicer. The asset value in the SPEW pool is now nearly $9,500 and showing a gain of $2,500 over the past 2 weeks.

I talked to @jk6276 and @spinvest-leo and sadly they don't have enough time to spare to offer us a DEC pool too. This means if I would want to provide a DEC liquidity on Uniswap I would have to do it the hard way - by myself.

The rewards are worth it in my opinion - free lands and some raffle tickets too!

Grouping the assets together with other users like you make a lot of sense because the gas fees are minimalized and for many people the gas fees would be as high as the value of the assets they want to provide. Doing it this way more people would be able to use this big opportunity that Splinterlands is offering right now.

The minimum amount of DEC to transfer to be part of this pool could be set really low, for example to like 25000 DEC, but I think it would more likely depend on how many users would want to join though.

Would you be interested in providing liquidity together?
Give me some replies below.

I will keep this idea opened for a few days and at worst I will provide the liquidity just by myself.

Thank you.

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I would join a pool with some Dec, I liked the Spew because I don't have any Eth to play with.

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Are you still interested? I am kind of hesitating to do it after the latest wLEO hack.

Sorry about the late reply, I was on a vacay for a bit, I'm not worried about any hack with wleo, this is an acceptable risk for me.

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I'd provide some DEC to an LP too.

Are you still interested? I am kind of hesitating to do it after the latest wLEO hack.